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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />Council Chamber <br />Eugene, Oregon <br />July 10, 1972 <br /> <br />Regular meeting of the Common Council Of. th.e Cl.'ty of Eugene, .oregon was called to order b. y His . <br />Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson (left early) at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber on July 10, 1972 <br />wi th the following coUncilmen present: Mr. Mohr, 'Mrs. BeaJ: (arrived later), Mr. McDonald (ar- ,- <br />rived later), Messrs. Teague, Williams, and Hershner, Mrs. Campbell,- and Mr. Bradshaw. <br /> <br />I - Public Hearings .- <br />A. Abatement, 1902 Cleveland Street <br />Resolution No. 2075 - Authorizing abatement of building at 1902 Cleveland Street <br />(Taylor-Garton) was submitted. <br /> <br />Councilman T~ague asked if there was any correspondence from the owner in response to <br />letter he had written. There was none. <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr ,moved seconded by Mr. Williams to adopt the resolution. Motion car- <br />ried, Mr. Teagu~(:ab'staining:' " " - - -' '- <br /> <br />Mrs. Beal arrived at the meeting. <br /> <br />B. Annexation, south side Centennial at east end of Centennial Loop (Parpish) <br /> <br />Planning Commission June 12, 1972 recommended approval. C <br />omm <br />Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Mohr to hold a public hearing on the request. 7/5/72 , _, <br />Motion carried unanimously. Pub Hrng _; <br />'<: <br />Resolution No. 2076 - Initiating boundary change and transmitting to Boundary c <br />Commission request to annex area on south side ofCen~- <br />tennial Boulevard at east end of Centennial Loop, was <br />submitted. <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mrs. Beal to adopt the resolution. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />C. Zoning Newly Annexed Areas and Designating Sign Districts <br />- - - ." '..:'~~':'--V:"~L~ :_..~,:'~~~ .o:,'.:t~.,__.... _._ _. '>0",'_ <br />Planning Commission Report - June 13, 1972 . "',.. --'.- ,.. <br />'J,.). Recommends approval of the following zoning of newly annexed areas and Sign <br />District designations: <br />@. North and south of Spring Boulevard, east of North Shasta Loop - RA <br />Suburban Residential <br />;~. West of Dillard Road, north of Snell and east of Larch - RA Suburban Residential: <br />~. West side of Fox Hollow Road, south of Donald - R-l Single Family Residential: I <br />~~ North of Centennial Boulevard across from Autzen Stadium - R-4 High Rise <br />Multiple Family Residential <br />fiio North of Bond Lane, west of Norkenzie Road - RA Suburban Residential <br />ft? Hawkins Lane area and adjacent hill area to. the west - RA Suburban ~esid~ntia1 a <br />,g. South of Todd and Buck Streets, east of Kev~ngton - RA Suburban Res~dent~al . <br />:h. West of Bertelsen Road approximately 1450 feet south of West 11th - M-2 ~ <br />Light Industrial with Industrial Sign District designation <br />'1. West of the intersection of Goodpasture Island Road and Delta Highway - <br />C-2 Community Commercial, subject to PUD procedures, with Integrated <br />Neighborhood Sign District designation <br />_ j. East of Valley Ri ver Shopping Center - C-2 SR Communi ty Commercial wi th <br />site review procedures with Integrated Neighborhood Sign District designation Comm <br />7/5/72 <br />Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Mohr to hold public hearings on the requests. pub Hrng <br />Motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />,~, . ',.. ~ ':f-.3~7~~~}:]-c=t~~72~~;~:9~;;]:~:T <br /> <br />. -:-' ,r - Mr. McDonal.d-arrived at the meeting. <br /> <br />Council Bill No. 1 - Zoning RA Suburban Residential area north and south of Spring Boule- <br />vard, east of North Shasta Loop, was submitted and read the first time <br />by council bill number and title only, there being no councilman pre- <br />sent requesting that it be read in full. <br /> <br />Mr. Moh:: moved ~econded by Mrs. Beal that. the _bil.l .~e ;;<:td _~h., e se. ?~.~d }~rr:e bX., counC~l. b~ll number .- . <br />only, Wl th unanlmous consent of the Councll, and. that.: enactmerrt'be cons1.dered ,at thls;:tlme. " <br />Motion carried unanimously and the bill was -read tnesecoll"dttmeby 'counCil-hIil-nUmber only. <br /> <br />Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mrs. Beal that the bill be approved and given final pasaage. Rollcall <br />vote. All councilmen present voting aye, the bill was declared passed and numbered 16546.î <br /> <br /> <br />do3 7/10/72-1 <br />