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<br /> Council Chamber <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> August 14, 1972 <br />Regular meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was order by His - <br />Honor Mayo~ Lester E. Anderson at 7:30, p.m. on August 14,1972 in the Council Chamber with the . <br />following councilmen pres.ent: Mrs. Beal, Messrs. McDonald, Teague, Williams, Mrs. Campbell, and <br />Mr. Bradshaw. Councilmen Mohr and Hershner were absent. <br />Manager announced dedication ceremonies for Salem, Oregon Civic Center will be. held Friday, <br />AugUSt 18, beginning at 9:30 a.m. He aiso reminded'the Council of Planning Commission meeting <br />at noon, August 15', at which' Betty Niven will continue her' presentation regard'ing public housing <br />in Britain. ,,' , , ' <br />I - Prociamation <br />Canvass of votes cast July 25, 1972 in election to exceed 6% limi~ation by $2,264,627 was <br />presented, showing votes For the measure - 3,749; Against - 3,806. <br />Mrs. Beal moved seconded by Mr: Teague to affirm the procillamation. Motion carried <br />unanimously. <br />II - Public Hearings <br />A. Reconsideration, Grogg Shop; 1677 Coburg Road - RMBC - Robert C. Beckley <br /> Manager explained that when this application was previouSly"before the Council, st'aff <br /> recommendations indicated no prqblems from police-,":t:baffic, or physical standp6int. <br /> OLCC investigation report indicated that of people~interviewed in the vicinity, 13 ob- <br /> j ected, 5 had no objectm6n to the Grogg Shop's proposed location at ili677 Coburg Road. - <br /> Since previous consideration of the application, Council members have viewed the site. <br /> = <br /> Dean Owens, attorney representing the applicant, Robert C. Beckley, presented Council <br /> wi th copies of a marketing survey report of the area bounded by the Willamette and <br /> McKenzie Rivers and 1-5 indicating a demand for a tavern in that area. He also pre- <br /> sented petit~on signed by 70 people having no .objections to the tavern. Mr~ Owens <br /> pointed out that the proposed location is on a major arterial and in a C-2 zone in which <br /> taverns are allowed. <br /> Jerry Vinson, Willakenzie Market, 1645 Coburg Road, presented petition signed by resi- <br /> dents of the area objecting to the tavern. He noted that the existing parking area <br /> comprises two separate parcels; and he objected to probable use 'of the 'Market parking <br /> area for tavern customers. He also commented on the proximity of schools in the area <br /> and residents of elderly people, and said, that he felt enough testimony has been pro- <br /> vided to show that the tavern is not wanted in that area. <br /> Others objecting to the tavern's location at 1677 Coburg Road were Paul Bendix, owner ! <br /> of apartments at 1600 Adkins Street; Jim Vanderplaat, director of Medical Diet Service, <br /> 1677 Coburg Road; Frank Greimer, 1600 Adkins; Harold Olsen, 1690 eC):Durg Roaa.:;-~11~'['garet <br /> Edward, operator of beauty shop at 1677 Coburg Road; Do:p.ald Fryer,-2760' -Jeppesefl Acres <br /> Road; and others on a show of hands on the basis of traffic congestion, insufficient . <br /> parking space, incompatibility with neighborhood, proximity to schools and residences <br /> of elderly, drunks,noise, etc. '1." <br /> Councilman Bradshaw inquired about the ownership of the parking space. Mr. Owens replied <br /> that the proposed tavern property extends toward the Market far enough to allow another <br /> lane of space, and that provision for parking would be satisfied in the building permit <br /> inspection. He didn't feel there would be any traffic problem. <br /> Councilmen Teague and McDonald asked about the number of parking spaces to be provided. <br /> Manager said the number' of required parking spaces would be resolved at the time a per- <br /> mit is requested for remodeling of the building. <br /> Mrs. Beal moved seconded by Mr. Teague to recommend approval of the license <br /> application. <br /> Councilman Williams noted a conflict of interest and said he would not vote. <br /> Councilman Bradshaw commented on his concern for encroachment of commercial type estab- <br /> lishments in a primarily residential area and compared it to the Suuth Willamette Street <br /> are a. <br /> Vote was taken on the motion to recommend approval. Motion defeated, all . <br /> councilmen present voting no, except Mr. Williams abstaining. <br />B. Vacations <br /> L Utility easement between Echo Hollow Road and Catalina, north of Willhi Street <br /> (Sorensen) <br /> 2. Alley between Pearl and High from llth Avenue north (Benjamin Franklin Savings & Loan) <br /> ~3' 8/14/72 - 1 <br />