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<br />\ <br /> Council Chamber <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> September 20, 1972 <br />. Special meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called on unanimous <br /> vote of quorum present at committee meeting on September 20, 1972. Council members present <br /> waived requirement of meeting notice. The special meeting was called to order by His Honor <br /> Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 1: 30 p. m. on September 20, 1972 in the Council Chamber with the <br /> following councilmen present: Messrs. Mohr, McDcnald, Teague, Hershner, and Bradshaw. <br /> Councilmen Beal, Williams, and Campbell were absent. <br /> Mayor Anderson explained the purpose of the special meeting was to meet a deadline for re- <br /> certifying the City's levy to the County Assessor should it be decided to maintain the $8.79 <br /> rate by reducing the total levy by some $295,000 (see committee minutes September 20, 1972). <br /> Council Bill No. 83 - Amending Ordinance 16608, adopting budget for 1972-73, <br /> and recertifying levy in the amount of $6,604,476, was <br /> submitted and read the first time by council bill number and title only, there being no <br /> councilman present requesting that it be read in full. <br /> I Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mr. Teague that the bill be read the second time by council bill <br /> number only, with unanimous consent of the Council, and that enactment be considered at this <br /> time. <br />. Councilman Hershner expressed reservation about reducing the levy, saying the Council went <br /> to the voters with a minimum budget and a promised levy. He said he feels keeping good faith <br /> with the voters is the primary consideration and that he hoped the services would not have to <br /> be seriously curtailed. <br /> Mayor Anderson again called attention to the fact that negotiated labor contracts alone <br /> totaled more than $400,000, yet the increase in the general operating fund of the City this <br /> year, if the $8.79 rate is maintained, is only $126,559, so some services will have to be cut. <br /> Mr. Hershner agreed that people voted on a tax rate rather than on a total dollar amount. <br /> Rollcall vote was taken on the motion for second reading. Motion carried unanimously <br /> and the bill was read the second time by council bill number only. <br /> Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mr. Teague that the bill be approved and given final passage. <br /> Rollcall vote. All councilmen present voting aye, the bill was declared passed and numbered <br /> I 16623. <br /> I <br /> Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mr. Bradshaw that staff make cuts in the budget as <br /> necessary and report any major curtailments in programs or services to the Council. <br />. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> I Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the meeting was adjourned. <br /> ~~~ <br /> Ci ty Recorder <br />--I <br /> , <br /> ~2 78 9/20/72 - 1 <br />-- <br />