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<br /> .t <br /> ,r, Council Chamber <br />. <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> July 9,1973 <br />. Regular meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order by <br /> His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7 :30 p.m. on July 9, 1973 in the COl:mcil Chamber with <br /> the following councilmen present: Messrs. Williams, MeDonald, Hershrier,Mrs. Campbell, Messrs. <br /> Keller~ 'Murray, and Wood.' Councilwoman Beal was absent. <br /> I. Finance Officers Award <br /> John Buol on behalf of the Municipal Finance Officers Association presented to <br /> Mayor Anderson a special award for the city of Eugene for excellence in Annual <br /> Financial Accounting. In making the presentation, Mr. Buol noted that Eugene is <br /> the first city in Oregon to receive the qward; the third public agency in the State <br /> to receive it. The award is made on an annual basis for conformance to principles <br /> and standards set by the Finance Officers Association in reporting finances in <br /> governmental accounting. Mayor Anderson responded and extended congratulations to <br /> Sherman Flogstad; Eugene's finance director. <br /> II. Public Hearings <br /> A. Annexation - South of Crest Drive, west of Blanton Road <br /> Previously approved and forwarded to the Boundary Commission but not completed <br />.' because of proqedural error. Planning Commission recommended resubmittal to <br /> the Boundary Commission. However, the Council at its April 23, 1973 meeting <br /> after public hearing tabled the recommendation pending completion of the South <br /> Hills density studies. At the request of Bob Suess the Council on June'll, 1973 <br /> voted to recons.ider its action for the benefit of interes ted parties who felt the <br /> previous hearing was inadequate. <br /> Public Hearing was reopened. <br /> Bob Suess, president of the Eugene/Spripgfield Homebuilders Association, presented <br /> copies of a published article with regard to "No Growth vs Know Growth" and quoted <br /> from it items concerning reduction in low-cost housing. He reviewed history of <br /> attempts to provide sewer service to the Crest Drive area and noted availibility <br /> of .sewer to the area under discussion, as well as water, power, streets, and schools. <br /> He felt annexation of the Crest/Blanton area would give maximun utilization to <br /> services now available and urged favorable recommendation from the Council. <br /> Neil Jongeward, 2863 Lydick Way also favored annexation. He felt it should be <br /> approved because it is contiguous to present City limits, it was already approved <br /> by both the Planning Commission and Council, services are available, and the <br /> property lies about three-fourths mile inside the urban service boundary. He said <br />. the original annexation application was filed in February 1971 with many delays <br /> encountered since that time, primarily centering around the possibility of <br /> developing a Ridgeline Park, the latest version of which would lie south of the <br /> proposed annexation and therefore not affected by it. Dave L:J:ywelyn, 1010 Crest <br /> Drive supported Mr. Jongeward's stand. <br /> James Spickerman, 3484 Storey Boulevard, representing Crest Drive Citizens Association, <br /> submitted a petition with letter attached stating the groups's reasons for objecting <br /> to annexation at this time. In petitioning rejection of the annexation the Crest Drive <br /> group realizes that a number of factors are unknown at this time. Hopefully the South <br /> Hills studies will provide answers, to questions not brought up at the time of the <br /> first,Planning Commission recommendation for annexation. Mr. Spickerman noted <br /> objections of the Crest Drive gruup: lack of knowledge with regard to an exact <br /> llri:<ige line" to define the urban service boundary, annexation should not be on <br /> availability of services but on timeliness ~ lack of information with regard to': <br /> availability and cost of police and fire protection and power, traffic problems, <br /> inadequacy of roads, expansion of'fringe areas in view of many undeveloped properties <br /> within the City, population increase in outlying areas where schools are overcrowded <br /> rather than shifting populations to areas where school enrollment is dropping, <br /> anticipated knowledge with regard to soil and ~eg~tation to come from the planning <br /> -.- - ~ studies. He said the Crest Drive Citizens Association is interested in ,developing <br /> . .-- <br />I '. plans for the area and feel they may, be jeopardized by annexation prior to completion <br /> of the studies in progress. They urged the Council to wait in order to be able to <br />I make a knowledgeable recommendation on the annexation of this property. Mr. Spickerman <br />I - had the Crest Drive people stand to indicate the opposition to the annexation, saying <br /> there were about 300 signatures on the petition submitted. <br /> - <br /> 2.\' 7/9/73 - 1 <br />