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<br /> Council Chamber <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> August 27, 1973 <br /> . Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene~ Oregon - adjourned from the <br /> meeting held on August 13, 1973 - was called to order by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson <br /> at 7:30 p.m. on August 27, 1973 i~ the Council Chamber with the following councilmen present: <br /> Mrs. Beal, Messrs. Williams, McDonald (left early), Hershner, Mrs. Campbell, and Messrs. <br /> Keller,'Murray, and Wood. - <br /> I - Public Hearings <br /> A. Solid Waste Management Plan <br /> Letters were read from Robert Deverell, chairman of the Eugene Garbage Board, and <br /> Wallace Swanson, chairman of the Lane County Solid Waste Advisory Committee, both <br /> recommending-adoption of the Solid Waste Management Plan except the franchising <br /> suggestion. They recommended no change in the present method of licensing garbage <br /> haulers in the City until it becomes evident a change is needed. Mr. Swanson suggested <br /> a system of licensing is needed for haulers in all of Lane County. <br /> Staff supports acceptance of the Plan with the recommendation that no action be taken <br /> on franchising garbage haulers in the City'until there is a demonstrated need and the <br /> City has an opportunity to evaluate its Charter provision prohibiting franchising <br /> of the haulers. <br /> . Public hearing was opened. <br /> Robert Deverell, 3000 Sorrel Way, said the Garbage Board has discussed the possibility <br /> of establishing some criteria to be met by those wishing to enter the garbage hauling <br /> business. At the present time anyone can haul garbage by obtaining only a license. <br /> He said there possibly should be shown a need for additional haulers before a new <br /> business is started. <br /> Bruce Bailey, 2613 Sharon Way, director of Solid Waste Management for Lane County, <br /> had no objection to the suggestion presented by Mr; Deverell. He saw it as a long- <br /> range goal and felt it would eliminate duplication and possibly higher rates in the <br /> future. He stressed the major purpose of the Plan is to exercise contr.ol over the <br /> entire County with respect to disposal of solid waste. <br /> Public hearing was closed, there being no further.testimony presented. <br /> Councilman McDonald asked if there were plans underway to franchise garbage haulers. <br /> Assistant Manager replied there were none, that it does not appear necessary at this <br /> time since a great deal of stability in the industry has been experienced since crea- <br /> tion of the Garbage Board. <br /> . Mrs. Beal moved seconded by Mr. Williams to adopt the Solid Waste Manage- <br /> ment Plan with the exception that no action would be taken on the recom- <br /> mendation therein with respect to franchising garbage haulers in the City. <br /> Motion carried unanimously. <br /> B. Annexation, area at west end of Huntington west of Donald Street (Breeden Bros.) <br /> Assistant Manager explained a possible misunderstanding with regard to whether public <br /> hearing was scheduled on this annexation at this meeting. He said all those interested <br /> in the matter were present and anticipated the hearing at this time, even though action <br /> taken at committee meeting scheduled the hearing for the September 10 meeting. It was <br /> agreed the hearing would be held, thereby allowing a City recommendation to be for- <br /> warded to the Boundary Commission for its September 6 meeting. <br /> Richard Unruh, 3225 Fillmore Street, representing the petitioners, called attention <br /> to the Council's indication at the time of authorizing the South Hills density and <br /> ridge line park studies that it would consider annexation proposals individually as <br /> they were presented. Be showed slides giving graphic illustrations of location of the <br /> property and surrounding development in relation to the City limits. He also displayed <br /> pictures taken both from inside the property and outside arid site plans, and distributed <br /> copies of statistical comparison between conventional subdivision and the proposed <br /> planned unit development. Mr. Unruh discussed the developer's proposal to cluster <br /> - dwellings on the property in order to maintain its present appearance, claiming the <br /> : proposed development would maintain property values at a level which would better <br /> provide suitable hous~ng for those with lower incomes. <br /> - John Fair, 5335 Saratoga Street, president of the South Eugene Residents League, Inc., <br /> read a prepared statement opposing the annexation, copies of which were distributed to <br /> Council members. The League was concerned with anticipated traffic problems on the <br /> perimeter of the entire South Willamette area and total traffic increase on routes to <br /> the downtown areas. They felt there' WQfuld be no great cost to the developers if this <br /> 2Se 8/27/73 - 1 <br />