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<br /> Council Chamber <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> September 24, 1973 <br /> e Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon - adjourned from the <br /> meeting held on September 10, 1973 - was called to order by Council President Wickes Beal <br /> in the absence of Mayor Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on September 24, 1973 in the Council Chamber <br /> with the following other councilmen present: Messrs. Williams, McDonald, Hershner, Keller, <br /> Murray, and Wood. Councilwoman Campbell was absent. <br /> I - Procedure for September 27, 1973 joint meeting with Planning Commission re: <br /> Rezoning Valley River Center property (Montgomery Ward) - County AGT to C-2 <br /> Planning Commission recommended denial on July 2, 1973. Council, however, on August 27 <br /> approved rezoning to C-2 with the property to be developed under planned unit regulations, <br /> the application thereby automatical~y referred to a joint session of the Planning Commis- <br /> sion and Council. That meeting was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on September 27, 1973 in the <br /> Council Chamber. <br /> James Korth, assis~ant city attorney, distributed to Council members copies of a memo <br /> from the City Attorney setting forth~the purpose of the joint session and procedure for <br /> the conduct of that meeting. He explained that the Fasano decision has resulted in such <br /> far-reaching impiications - not only with regard to zoning matters but also variances, <br /> conditional uses, planned unit developments, abatement procedures, zoning board 6f ap- <br /> peals decision, etc. - that the City Attorney feels a total study of requirements under <br /> . the Fasano decision is needed before Council procedures are adopted. Such procedures <br /> more than likely will be in the form of an ordinance. Mr. Korth said the memo with re- <br /> gard to conduct of the joint session to consider the Valley River/Montgomery Ward re- <br /> zoning application was submitted to more expeditiously decide that issue, if the Council <br /> so desires, rather than waiting for an extensive revision of the Code. <br /> Planning Director added that Planning staff notes and agenda for the September 27 meeting <br /> were distributed along with the memo. The staff notes on information presented to the <br /> Council after the application was considered by the Commission were prepared for Commis- <br /> sion review. Also ditributed were copies of correspondence from Vern Gleaves, attorney <br /> for Valley River. <br /> Councilman Murray asked whether questions he and Councilman Wood presented with regard to <br /> Council members' voting on zone change issues were going to be answered then or at some <br /> other time. Mr. Korth answered that it was expected answers to those questions would <br /> be ready for Councii prior to the September 27 meeting. <br /> II - Public Hearings <br /> A. Abatement 2375 Madison Street (Shook-Dannemiller) <br /> Hearing continued from September 10, 1973 meeting. <br /> Ross M. Shepard, attorney for property owners Shook and Dannemiller, asked for a six- <br /> e month extension of abatement proceedings to allow completion of rehabilitation of <br /> the building. He presented pictures showing progress made to this date in removing <br /> debris and safety hazards from the property. He said Messrs. Shook and Dannemiller <br /> are in the business of renovating older buildings for resale and will now devote <br /> full time to renovation of this building. <br /> Public Works Directqr noted 'that it was the Council"s prerogative to stay the abate- <br /> ment if it so desired. He said a six-month delay would be recommended so long as <br /> progress on rehabilitation is continuous and the necessary permits are acquired from <br /> the Building Department. <br /> Councilman McDonald noted Mr. Korth's mention of abatement proceedings coming under <br /> requirements of the Fasano decision and wondered how that would affect this situation. <br /> Finance Director answered that the Fasano decision wovld haveno bearing in this instance. <br /> Resolution No. 2217 - Authorizing abatement at 2375 Madison Street, submitted <br /> on September 10, 1973 and held, was brought back for <br /> consideration. <br /> Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Wood that the resolution be held for six <br /> e months on the condition that (1) the property owners secure necessary permits <br /> from the City for improvement of the property, and (2) if the City staff feels <br /> appropriate progress is not being made on upgrading the property, the resolution <br /> be returned for further Council consideration. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> B. Annexation, Willagillespie/Russet Area <br /> Planning Director explained that petition for annexation was received on April 4,1973 <br /> from citizens of the northernmost portion of the Willagillespie area who were con- <br /> cerned with need for sanitary sewers. Planning Commission after consideration of the <br /> 2a~ 9/24/73 - 1 <br />