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<br /> If <br /> MINUTES <br /> EBGENE CITY COUNCIL <br />. COUNCIL CHAMBER NOVEMBER 26,1973 <br /> Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon - adjourned from meeting <br /> held November 5, 1973 - was called to order by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. <br /> on November 26, 1973 in the Council Chamber with the following council members present: <br /> Mrs. Beal, Messrs. Williams, Hershner, Mrs. Campbell, and Messrs. Murray and Wood. Councilmen <br /> McDonald and Keller were absent. <br /> I - Public Hearings <br /> A. Appeal, Planning Commission Preliminary Approval Hertelwood PUD (October 9, 1973) <br /> Planning Commission on October 9, 1973 gave preliminary approval to 50 dwelling <br /> unites on 6.69 acres on Hawkins Heights north of Highland Oaks Drive subject to <br /> the following conditions: <br /> 1. Satisfactory provisions for terminating 22nd Avenue where it abuts the site <br /> must be determined prior to submittal of final development plans; <br /> 2~ All required dedications, petitions for improvements, and fulfillments of <br /> City Public Works Department concerns shall be properly submitted or re- <br /> solved prior to issuance of the planned unit development agreement <br />. 3. The developer shall respond affirmatively to possible need for storm and <br />" sanitary sewers through the site as determined by development of adjacent <br /> land and on-site building locations, as resolved by the Public Works Department <br /> 4. Sidewalk along Hawkins Heights Boulevard should be public walk to conform <br /> to City standards, with easement or right-of-way provided <br /> 5. All development earthwork must conform to Chapter 70, "Excavation and <br /> Grading," of the 1970 Edition of the Uniform Building Code <br /> 6. Prior to application for final approval the developer shall submit a fire <br /> protection evaluation and protection methods description in response to <br /> the memorandum of June 13, 1972 from the City Fire Marshal and Superintendent <br /> of Building Inspection, <br /> 7. In the event dwelling units are constructed for sale the developer shall <br /> make every effort possible to supply housing to accommodate households <br /> of varied ages, interests, and incomes, including low to moderate, in <br /> conformance with the Eugene Community Goals and Policies and the 1990 <br /> General Plan <br /> 8. An appropriate pedestrian-bicycle way shall be provided from the develop- <br />. ment site to 22nd Avenue to accommodate local traffic <br /> 9. Specific plant materials shall be added to create an effective landscaping <br /> buffer immediately east of the south entrance road <br /> I 10. Concerns set forth in the "Resident Evaluation of Four Planned Unit De- <br /> velopments: Eugene, Oregon" (especially with regard to noise transmission <br /> and treatment of open space area) and the "South Hills Study: An Ecological <br /> Description and Visual Evaluation" (especially with regard to landscaping <br /> and excavation treatment of hillside areas) shall be addressed by the <br /> developer <br /> Appeal, signed by owners or residents of 18 properties in the immediate vicinity <br /> of the development, was filed based on the contention that the General Plan <br /> designates single-family residential use to conform to surrounding land uses; <br /> permitting cluster development would destroy the livability of existing develop- <br /> ment; there are enough apartment houses in the area now, and more are in the ~ <br /> planning stages; high density should occur north of 18th Avenue, according to <br /> established policy; Hawkins Heights Boulevard is too narrow to accommodate <br /> anticipated traffic increase, aggravating an existing problem, and exposing <br /> school children and other pedestrians to danger; the Fire Department reports <br />e problems in attempting to provide fire protection service in the area because <br /> of high fire risk due to forested areas and terrain conducive to fire spread. <br /> Council presviously received copies of Commission staff notes and minutes of <br /> the Planning Commission meeting, Commission recommendations, and the appeal <br /> itself. Council also viewed the property on tour. <br /> Jim Saul, Planning Department, described the project, using slides showing <br /> layout of buildings and the terrain. He pointed out access to Hawkins Heights <br /> 5~"!> 11/26173 - 1 <br />