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Staff has <br />no objections. <br /> <br />Public hearing was opened. <br /> <br />Jon LaBranch, partner representing majority of owners of tavern at its previous <br />location on West Park Street, explained that the license expired while a new loca- <br />tion was being sought. The building at 1143 Oak Street was found desirable for <br />their operation, offering an opportunity for expansion of food services and at the <br />same time retaining atmosphere of the original oper.ation in the urban renewal area. <br />He said the operation would have no machine games, music would be provided by stereo <br />equipment rather than juke box, and there would be no signs on the outside of the <br />building. Mr. LaBranch felt there was a need for this type operation near the <br />downtown area. <br /> <br />/i;' <br />A young lady, declining to identify herself, objected to the anticipated appearance <br />of Nelson Rockefeller at the Dorchester conference, a gathering of State Republicans. <br />She blamed Rockefeller for the current gasoline shortage and asked Council considera- <br />tion of a proposal denouncing his attendance at the Seaside meeting. Mayor Anderson <br />declared the speaker out of order and, upon her refusal to acquiesce, declared a short <br />recess during which the speaker and companions were escorted from the Council Chamber. <br />When the meeting resumed, Mayor Anderson explained that the Council was willing to hear <br />any citizen on any matter of concern. However, by the Council's own rules, a set <br />procedure for being heard must be followed. He said the young lady would be heard <br />if she so requested through the proper procedure. <br /> <br />Patricia Helmers, 2720 Central Boulevard, strongly urged a favorable recommendation <br />on the application, saying she had found the applicants to be good citizens and try- <br />ing to meet the needs of the community. <br /> <br />Speaking against the proposed location were Carlton Buck, pastor of First Christian <br />Church at 1166 Oak Street (across from the proposed tavern) and Ernie Graham, <br />734 East 23rd Avenue, trustee of the church; and Marcia Thompson, speaking for <br />Thompson Electronics, 98 East 11th Avenue. Their objections were based on the <br />proximity of a tavern operation, which they felt incompatibl~ as well as anticipated <br />parking and other problems they felt inherent with such an operation. Dr. Buck noted <br />availability of beer at a nearby restaurant. He also mentioned the number of youth <br />activities sponsored by ,his church and felt there were many other locations in the city <br />more suitable for a tavern. <br /> <br />Public hearing was closed, there being no further testimony. <br /> <br />Manager reported that OLCC contacts with occupants of neighboring properties revealed <br />six opposed to the location, seven not objecting, and six neutral. <br /> <br />Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Hershner to recommend approval of the <br />application, bringing to the OLCC's attention the apparent significant <br />neighborhood opposition. <br /> <br />Councilman Murray wondered whether qualifying the recommendation in that manner would <br />have any impact on the OLCC's~ction. He was in favor of the application because the <br />structure was located in a commercially-zoned area. He felt the hours of operation <br />most likely would not interfere with church activities or other businesses in the <br />neighborhood, and he cited the good record of the operation of the Brass Rail at its <br />previous location. However he felt the words "significant opposition" should be <br />changed to "some opposition." <br /> <br />Manager noted that Council's opinion is reflected in transmittal of recommendation <br />to the OLCC. In the past that-has/usually been on a negative recommendation. This <br />was the first time a comment was transmitted on a favorable recommendation and it was <br />not know whether it would have any bearing on the OLCC's action. The Commission, he <br />said, would have the same information with regard to the application that the Council had. <br /> <br />Sfo <br /> <br />2/25/74 - 1 <br />