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<br />- <br /> <br />(0001) <br /> <br />'. <br /> <br />(0060 ) <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />M I N 'V T E S <br />EU~ENE CITY COUNCIL <br />May 20, ..1974 <br /> <br />Adjaurned, meeting of the Comman Cauncil af the city af Eugene, Oregon - adjaurned frQm the <br />meeting heldMi?-Y 13, .1974 - was called to orde:r by His Hanor Mayor Lester E. Andersan at <br />7:30 p.m. on May 20, .1974 in.::the Council'Chamber with the fallawing'CQupci:L members present: <br />Tam Williams, James Hershner, H. C. McDonald, Wickes Beal, Beth Campbell, Gus Keller, <br />Neil Murray and Robert Wood. <br /> <br />J- Apnouncements <br />A. Appaintment, Subcommittee to meet with Library Baard , <br />CauDcil, member,s Williams, ch.?-irman" Beal, and Hershner. <br /> <br />B. Items Withdrawn from Agenda <br />1. Code amendment (C.B.554) re: Fees for Various City Services, and Resalutian 2287: <br />setting fee ~chedule. Pastpanement was recamm~nded because af que~tions with <br />regard to advertising. There was no objectian and the Chair ruled that actian <br />be :postponed. . <br />2. Assessment Ordinance (C.B.543) for paving and sewers in Nelson. Plat. <br />Pei:;ition was received fram attorney 'far-Howard Nelsan raising a number af .< <br />factual questions. Postpanement was recommended to give the apportunity , <br />to. examine the questions raised. .Tkere was no abjection and the Chair. ruled <br />that action be pastpaned. <br /> <br />II - Public Hearings <br />A. So~ills Recammendations <br /> <br />, <br />'South Hills Study - Plan~ing Commission on April 9, 1974 recommended adoption of recom~ I <br />:mendations contained in a report on the South Hills study, copies of which were previously <br />'furnished to Council members. Manager said staff would bring to the May 20 Council <br />,meeting description of the study and changes from the primary draft presented some <br />: time ago. <br /> <br />Mr. 'Williams moved secondeq by Mr. Hershner to schedule public hearing on <br />the recommendations at the May 20, 1974 Counci~ meeting. <br /> <br />.. - . - ~- ... - .'. ". . - - <br /> <br />!iCouncilwoman Campbell assU1l!ed the r,eport was acceptable to the Council in view of the <br />,public hearings and joint meeting with-the Planning Commission. However, she thought <br />~:i.f ,therewere"questions"they-should"be presented now so the committee would be prepared <br />.toanswer. at the hearing. She noted that the report resulted from a year's s(uqy C!.ml_-- <br />:th~t""manY~hange;;' hid been' ~de ~s a re~~c;fthr'ee public -h~arings. - Ai;;; , <br />rthat the. value of this 'type of'study in the implementation of communi ty goals · <br />iwas being recognized in the current meetings on goals uPdate. She complimented j <br />ithe planning staff for what she termed along, hard study and said they- ,deserved j <br />;much credi t. ! <br />I <br />Murray wanted to underscore the fairly comprehensive process gone ! <br />ach.ieve the report, including a great deal. of technical data. He felt f. <br />a significant modification of the original study, and that the modifica~'~ <br />direct result of the public hearings held. He shared Mrs. Campbell's i <br />the planning staff for the amount of work accomplished. f <br /> <br />r~ <br /> <br />: Councilman <br />1through to <br />:'the report <br />I <br />'tion was a <br />:tribute to <br /> <br />Councilman Hershner commented in response to Mrs. Campbell's request for questions \; <br />that he had no particular reservations at this time but he did want to review the <br />report and the document preceding it. So he hoped any questions he might have at <br />,the hearing would not be construed as trying to "shoot anything down." <br /> <br />Vote was taken on the <br />unanimously. <br /> <br />I <br />;Comm <br />motion to schedule public hearing. Motion carried 5/i5/74 <br />. . Pub:, Hrng <br />~. .........-.-~..-vt--....- _. ~. ...,._..:.-" _ -.____._._~. ..~-~.-._.. ....... ..-.'..,. ..-f <br /> <br />Letter transmitting recommendations an the South Hills study fram the Planning Cammission <br />was read. Several calls and letters were noted adaptio.n of the recommendations. <br />A letter received from Terry Tillman, 1500 Norkenzie Raad, raising questians and <br />~reGc5rtirrlep.aipg'~delEitioris - and changes _ 'ii1'tl1e 'study, as well as'''- ?ne frari1';'Oak-~1fiilS' <br />Homeowners Associatian suggesting minor revisions. <br /> <br />) <br />Councilwoman Campbell, chairman of the Joint Parks CaTIlffii ttee (Cauncilman Murray and <br />Planning Commissian members Haffman and Maxwell), read a brief histary relating to. the <br />study.. She nated that the preliminary ,version was madified as the result af hearings <br />before the Joint Cammittee and the present recommendations came to. the Cauncil with <br />unanimous approval af the Planning Commission. It was considered a refinement af the <br />1990 General Plan, she said, and would be fallowed by similar studies in ather areas <br />9f the, <br /> <br />149 <br /> <br />5(20/74 -.1 <br /> <br />:- <br />