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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> July 8, -1974 <br /> - Regular meeting of the'Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order by <br /> His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on July 8, -1974 in the Council Chamber with <br /> the following Council members present: Tom Williams, James Hershner (lert't early), H. C. <br /> McDonald (arrived later), Wickes Beal, Beth Campbell, Neil Murray, and Robert Wood. <br /> Councilman Keller was absent. <br /> (0001) I - Public Hearings <br /> A. Community Goals - -1974 Update <br /> f Community Goals Update - Copies of information were previously distributed-to Council <br /> ; members- with regard to Community Goals, -set for public hearing at the July 8 Council <br /> !meeting. It included June 24, 1974 Planning Commission report; June 11, 1974 trans- <br /> jmittal from the chairman of the Community Goals Committee to the Planning Commission; : <br /> [Manager's June 5 letter to Irvin Fletcher, Lane County Labor Council, in response to Comm <br /> !eaL'lier corresondence requesting delay in action on the Goals update to allow more 7/3/74 <br /> , , <br /> !participation from organized labor; and Mr. Fletcher's June 21 response. Pub Hrng <br /> .-... ., --........ -... - ~- -- ---. - .-- <br /> --- --....~.. ..._..~._---~.. .. .. ...... _.---$.... <br /> Planning Commission official report d~ted ~~~--2'4':-~974'~~~ read recommendi~g adoption <br /> of the -1974 Community Goals and Policies document as a supplement to the 1990 Plan, <br /> - giving special consideration to proposals in Chapter 2 (Citizen Participation), Chapter <br /> 3 (Growth), and Chapter 14 (Metropolitan Problems). The Commission did not wish to <br /> de-emphasize the importance of all the proposals in the document, but felt priorities <br /> of emphasis necessary, recommending top,priority-toProposal 3 in Chapter 14 and to <br /> Proposal 1 in Chapter 3. The Comm~ssion recommended also that the Council specify <br /> future full-scale review of the Goals document every five years to alternate with <br /> 1990 Plan view, but not to preclude amendment before expiration of that five-year <br /> period. Attention was drawn to minority report suggesting a different,approacp to <br /> sections on growth, transportation, downtown development, and economic development; <br /> letter from Jane Novick, 3960 Blanton Road, suggesting amendments to p~esent wording <br /> . and proposal priorities; and list of priority nominations submitted by Betty Niven, <br /> chairman of the Goals Committee. Copies of the three presentations were distributed <br /> to Council members. <br /> Public hearing was opened. <br /> (0097) Mrs. Niven read the list of priority nominations and explained the rationale behind <br /> each, suggesting Council adoption in the order presented. <br /> Irvin Fletcher, secretary-treasurer of the Lane -County Labor Council, referred to <br /> his letter forwarded to Council members requesting delay in consideration of the <br /> Goals Committee report to give the opportunity for input from working people. He <br /> claimed the people working on the Goals Conference did not adequately represent all <br /> e the people of Eugene. He said he was not suggesting working people were not invited, <br /> but that their views were not actively solicited. <br /> Steven Deutsch, professor of sociology at the University of Oregon, read a prepared <br /> statement expressing concern about the process involved in making the Goals recommenda- <br /> tions. He asked.that the' report. not be accepted as presented, rather that it include <br /> a section providing for procedures whereby all citizens could have a voice in similar <br /> planning reports in the future. He proposed that the Council adopt a resolution <br /> mandating the Manager, the Planning Department, and the Conference Committee to develop <br /> a plan for implementing. full citizen input in considering this report. <br /> Public hearing was closed, there being no further testimony. <br /> Councilman ,McDonald.entered the .meeting. <br /> Manager took exception to indication in -Mr. Deutsch's statement that there was no <br /> advance notice of this meeting_other than that necessary to -meet legal requirements. <br /> He said the matter was well covered in the Register-Guard and by radio stations. <br /> JohnP6~ter, planning director, commented on inference in the statement that the <br /> priorities reported were the same as listed by the Planning Commission. He said the <br /> Commission had drawn its own conclusions about priority, items separate from the <br /> Conference Committee~ so there was agreement in the two bodies on the various issues. <br /> ~.) Betty Niven told of her efforts ~o gain participation from different sectors of the <br /> community over the years and esp~~ially the frequent contacts withxhe Labor Council <br /> in an attempt to get - suggestion of names of people interested in taking part in br0ad <br /> community issues. "Blue collar" workers were invited through neighborhood organizations, <br /> and invitations issued th!t\lough the Guard for people to ,take part .in the Goals Conference. <br /> She expressed regret that only professional people accepted. At-any rate, she said, <br /> the group was not dominated by anyone small group. And the participation was better .... <br /> 7/8/74 - -1 <br /> L 232. ./ <br /> , <br />