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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> July 15, 1974 <br />-- Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon - adjourned from the <br /> meeting held on July 8, 1974 - was called to order by Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. <br /> on July- 15, 1974 in the Council Chamber with the following Council members present: Tom <br /> Williams, James Hershner, H. C. McDonald, Beth Campbell, Gus Keller, Neil Murray, Robert <br /> Wood. Councilwoman Beal was absent. <br /> I - Liquor License ,- Thriffy=:Drug Store <br /> Application for package store license for Thrifty Drug Store at 1560 Coburg Road. Council <br /> is being asked,~o approve this license, as the store has a Thursday, July 18 scheduled <br /> opening and would like to get the application to the Liquor Commission before that <br /> opening. I <br /> Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Hershner to approve the application. <br /> Motion carried unanimously. <br /> II - Appeal, Preliminary Approval for Covenant Park PUD at 38th & Hilyard_-, <br /> On June 18, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and granted preliminary approval <br /> for 24 dwelling units on existing Covenant Presbyterian Church property. The motion for <br /> approval included the following four conditions which were accepted and passed unanimously: <br />- 1. ~dditional landscaping should be specified where called for at critical <br /> property line locations. <br /> 2. A mutual ownership agreement must be established to ensure effective, long-range <br /> maintenance and attention to the entire planned unit development. <br /> 3. Concerns of the Public Works and Planning Departments be suitably answered <br /> prior to final approval. <br /> 4. The design Team shall give consideration to: <br /> a. the effect present and projected church parking will have on the <br /> neighborhood and on the development of the entire parcel; <br /> b. service to the community building for deliveries and pick-up from <br /> the church and residential sites and how this service shall be . <br /> i facili tated; <br /> c. lighting and screening of parking, residences and activities for <br /> the entire parcel, and effect these will have on adjacent neighbors; <br /> d. siting of most southerly residential units in order to provide a more <br /> pleasing relationship between these units and the single-family :'.. <br /> residences abutting. <br /> In conformance with the code the decision was appealed to the Council on June 28 by <br /> Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Stone and Mrs. Lois H. Tronzo. The <br /> Council has in its files staff notes, minutes of the Planning Commission meeting, report <br /> from the Planning Commission and the appeal memo from the applicants. <br />e Will Johnston of the Planning staff showed various slides of the area and explained <br /> that the proj ect includes 3~ acres, 1. 65 for the 24 dwelling units and ihe community <br /> building and 1.86 currently housing the Covenant-Sanctuary. There is one existing <br /> parking lot for 30 cars which should be adequate, as the elderly normally do not own <br /> as many cars. <br /> Conflict of interests - none by the Council. <br /> Public hearing was opened. <br /> Les Erb, 610 39th E. said that the people of his neighborhood presented the petition <br /> on July 3 , 1974, for the purpose of setting over the hearing to a later date. The <br /> Council had set. the hearing date for JUJy 22 and he stated not receiving a letter <br /> changing the date to the 15th until Friday, July 12. He demanded postponing the <br /> hearing to give the proponents ample time to prepare their case. <br /> Marshall Webster, 3850 Ferry, stated the proposed buildings are not well integrated <br /> with the surrounding residential area and there is inadequate parking both at the <br /> church and the dwelling sites. The density factor was of the most concern to him. <br /> If his understanding was correct, the proposed 14.55. dwelling units peT' acre would <br />. exceed the 1-10 dwelling units per acre allowed under the 1990 Plan. He did not feel <br /> that the Church and Mr. Tomlinson should be allowed to join in partnership to overcome <br /> the density rule of dwelling units allowed per acre. The church cannot guarantee <br /> either financially or physically at this time the demands they may have to meet <br /> immediately. <br /> Lois Jackson, 3855 Ferry, stated that at the time of the preliminary hearing most <br /> residents of the area were not aware of the PUD. Only prior to the June 8 hearing were <br /> they made aware of it. She felt it unfortunate and suggested a need for a change <br /> ,S~ 7/15/74 - 1 <br />