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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> October 7, 1974 <br />e, <br /> Adjourned meeting - from meeting held September 23, 1974 - of the Common Council of the <br /> city of Eugene, Oregon, was called to order by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at <br /> 7:30 p.m. on October 7, 1974, in the Council Chamber with the following Council members <br /> present: Tom Williams, Wickes Beal, Beth Campbell, Gus Keller, Neil Murray and Robert Wood. <br /> 1~- Public Hearings <br /> A. Abatement, 1081 West.6th AVenue (Betterton) <br /> As per Section 8.032 of the Eugene City Code, a small commercial building at this <br /> si te had been declared "unsafe to occupy" for the following reasons':, 1. The <br /> existing foundation !which supports the bearing walls on the north side of the <br /> structure appears to be no longer structurally sound in order to perform its <br /> intended function; 2. The exterior walls are deteriorating due to the penetration <br /> of moisture resulting in the decay of the supporting members and providing a <br /> condition for the colonization of termites and decay; 3. An addition to the main <br /> structure was added without a building permit and was not constructed to building <br /> code and is therefore non-conforming; 4. The windows and doors are not boarded <br /> and this results in the unauthorized entry of transients that are present in this <br /> busy area. ,Fire is a possibility under such conditions. <br />e Public hearing was opened. <br /> Speaking in opposition to the abatement was Mr. Roe Betterton, 702 Summer, N.E., <br /> Salem. He stated that he now has someone willing to correct the situation and <br /> ,asked for an extension of time to bring the building up to code. <br /> Public hearing was closed. <br /> Manager called to Council's attention a letter from Mr. Betterton dated July 16 <br /> in which he asked for an extension to October 1 to conform. He wondered how <br /> much additional time Mr. Betterton would request and what assurance there would <br /> be that the matter would be corrected. Mr. Betterton said that his previous <br /> plans to bring the building into conformance had fallen through and that the <br /> person available to correc 1. the situation now would need no more than approximately <br /> 60 days. Manager suggested adopting the resolution but deferring enactment and <br /> enforcement until some time after the 60-day period. <br /> Resolution No. 2337 - Authorizing abatement, 1081 West 6th Avenue was <br /> read by number and title. <br />- Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mrs. Campbell to adopt the resolution <br /> but that staff is specifically direCted to withhold enforcement for <br /> 90 days during which time owner may bring property up to code. Motion <br /> carried, all Council members present voting aye. <br /> B. Liquor. License, NorthwestWin"e't, Cheese, 0767 Willamette Street 0 (PS - NeW) \ <br /> Staff recommended approval and public hearing. GLCC report indicated no Ob-\ <br /> jections from neighboring tenants. <br /> Comm <br /> Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Wood to schedule public hearing 9/25/74 <br /> at the next regular Council meeting. Motion carried unanimously. : Pub Hrng <br /> \-::-'~J-"":"''''.;.~...;7'''7''''''''''~:'''.'_''''~''''~~''___' ...,. _.. __._. . --......_-~>,""~.._- --.'-~" ..... .~ '..- ,..,>-..- ""'..', ,- . ~" , _..-'_ 0" -':'._ ..... .-j <br /> Public hearing was held with no testimony presented.. <br /> Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mrs. Campbell to recommend approval. Motion <br /> carried, all Council members present voting aye. <br /> C. Rezoning north of Lewis Aven~e, west of Adams Street (RA to.R 2 PD) (Safley) ~~ <br /> Planning Commission in joint meeting with the Council o~ September 16, 1974 re- <br /> . affirmed its recommendation to approve the requested rezoning. Findings supporting, <br /> the rezoning to R-2-3.35-PD prepared for Council adoption were noted with the ex- <br />,. planation that if a decifiion to deny the request was made it would be necessary to <br /> . prepare findings supporting that posi tion. Stan Long, assistant city attorney, <br /> in response to the Mayor, said that no further testimony was necessary, only that <br /> a decision be made. <br /> Councilwoman Campbell said she was in favor of the rezpning but hoped a motion for <br /> . approval would include some provision assuring public access to the River. <br /> - -'-'" -- ,- -----.-... ---..... ~-----......-:.;...--...__'"'"";..t"_-.:-................-_____.-..=:..'I!.:~1:;;,,;'C..c~___~:'.:i --.-.-.--.--------- - <br /> 10/7/74 - 1 - <br /> 344 <br />