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<br /> - <br /> M I NUT E S <br />e Eugene and Springfield City Councils <br /> Council Chamber--Springfield City Hall <br /> October 14, 1987 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> SPRINGFIELD COUNCILORS PRESENT: Christine Larson, Joseph Barry, Lee Beyer, <br /> Bill Morrisette, Ben Reed. <br /> SPRINGFIELD COUNCILORS ABSENT: Gail Decker. <br /> EUGENE OFFICIALS PRESENT: Mayor Brian B. Obie; Councilors Freeman Holmer, <br /> Emily Schue, Ruth Bascom, Roger Rutan, Rob Bennett, <br /> Jeff Mi 11 er. <br /> EUGENE COUNCILORS ABSENT: Debra Ehrman, Cynthia Wooten. <br /> Springfield City Council President Christine Larson said this is a public <br /> hearing of the Eugene and Springfield City Councils to hear testimony <br /> concerning four proposed amendments to the Metropolitan Area General Plan. <br /> The Springfield and Eugene councilors introduced themselves. <br /> President Larson called the meeting of the City Council of Springfield, <br />e Oregon, to order in the absence of Mayor Richard Gorman. <br /> Mayor Brian B. Obie called the meeting of the City Council of Eugene, Oregon, <br /> to order. <br /> Ms. Larson reviewed the format that would be followed during the evening. <br /> Eugene Planning Director Susan Brody reviewed the process for considering <br /> amendments to the Metro Plan. She said the Springfield, Eugene, and Lane <br /> County Planning Commissions held public hearings on these amendments and made <br /> recommendations to the elected officials. After this hearing, the Springfield <br /> and Eugene councils will act on the amendments. The Lane County Board of <br /> Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the amendments and then take <br /> act i on on them. If the action of the elected bodies is not the same, the <br /> Metropolitan Policy Committee (MPC) will try to fi nd a compromi se. If a <br /> compromise is found, each of the elected bodies will consider it once. If the <br /> elected bodies concur with the compromise, the amendments will be approved. <br /> If the elected officials do not accept the compromise, the amendments will <br /> fail. <br /> Ms. Brody reviewed the criteria for Metro Plan amendments. <br />e MINUTES--Joint Springfield, Eugene City Council October 14, 1987 Page 1 <br />