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<br /> ~ <br /> ~ ~ <br /> 4 <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> e Work Session <br /> Bethel/Danebo Refinement Plan <br /> McNutt Room, City Hall <br /> August 11, 1982 <br /> 1:00 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Mayor Gus Keller; John Ball, D. W. Hamel, Mark Lindberg, <br /> Gretchen Miller, Emily Schue, Betty Smith, Eugene City Council; <br /> City Manager Micheal Gleason; Irv Berman, Public Works; Pat Decker, <br /> Bill French, Planning. <br /> Mr. French said that the plan before the council was an update of the Bethell <br /> Danebo Neighborhood Refinement Plan, which was adopted in 1975. He said that <br /> the area covered by the plan included the area represented by the Active Bethel <br /> Citizens and Bethel Triangle neighborhood associations. He said that the plan <br /> covered land both within the City limits and outside the City limits but within <br /> the urban growth boundary. Mr. French said that, in response to elements of the <br /> recently adopted Metropolitan Area General Plan, the updated plan included <br /> establishment of three new development nodes in the Bethel/Danebo area and <br /> movement of the urban growth boundary from Terry Street west to Greenhill Road. <br /> Mr. French then discussed the three development nodes. He said that the node <br /> located on Barger Drive between Highway 99 North and Beltline Road called for <br /> e the following uses: 5 acres commercial land, 16 acres high density residential <br /> land, and 71 acres medium density residential land. Mr. French said that the <br /> node at Royal Avenue and Danebo Street totaled 40 acres, with 10 acres of <br /> commercial land and the remaining 30 acres designated for residential use. <br /> He said that selection of a location for the third node had been based on need <br /> to balance resources available and that this node had been designated for the <br /> north side of Royal Avenue, between Terry Street and Greenhill Road. This node <br /> would contain 5 acres of commercial land and approximately 20 acres of medium <br /> density residential land. <br /> Mr. French said that these nodes had been established to accomplish the intent <br /> of the Metropolitan Area General Plan to provide for efficient use of energy and <br /> resources by locating residences near shopping and employment areas. He said <br /> that the nodes would also provide alternative housing types in the Bethel/Danebo <br /> area. Mr. French indicated that the two nodes located on Royal Avenue would <br /> serve as a resource for the industrial areas located to the south. <br /> Mr. French said that citizen involvement in the refinement plan update was good, <br /> with two planning teams representing the Active Bethel Citizens area and one <br /> representing the Bethel Triangle Neighbors. He said that these planning teams <br /> had made presentations to and received feedback from the neighbhorhood groups. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council Work Session August 11, 1982 Page 1 <br />