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<br /> M I NUT E S <br />- City Council Work Session <br /> Bloch Room, Hilton Hotel <br /> August 8, 1983 <br /> 5:00 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Gus Keller, Mayor; John Ball, Dick Hansen, Freeman Holmer, Mark <br /> Lindberg, Brian Obie, Emily Schue, Betty Smith, Cynthia Wooten, (from <br /> 5:45 p.m.), Councilors; Mike Gleason, City Manager; Dave Whitlow, <br /> Assistant City Manager; Barbara Bellamy, Public Information Director; <br /> Pat Lynch, Council Administrator; Dick Reynolds, Executive Director, <br /> Bob Schutz, Business Manager, Hult Center; Warren Wong, Financial <br /> Director; Jean Reeder, Don Vanderzanden, EWEB staff; Fred Webb, <br /> KUGN; Mark Matassa, Fred Crafts, Eugene Register-Guard. <br /> Mayor Keller called the meeting to order. <br /> I. HULT CENTER ECONOMIC IMPACT <br /> Mr. Gleason prefaced the Hult Center presentation by emphasizing the positive <br /> impact of the center in the community as evidenced by a cost-benefit ratio of 10 <br />e to 1 determined in a recent market study. This "information session" would <br /> serve as a prelude to future budget decisions on the Hult Center. <br /> Mr. Reynolds then presented findings from a study recently completed by the <br /> University of Oregon Marketing Department related to economic impact and <br /> audience demographics. <br /> Direct and indirect economic benefits to the community totaled $10,332,700. <br /> Some highlights of the market study were: <br /> l. Direct business receipts totalled $2,577,000. This included hospitality <br /> industry expenditures of $1,391,000; Hult Center services and supplies <br /> of $774,500, and local expenditures made by promotors and performers <br /> of $411,500. <br /> The hospitality industry expenditures were calculated by multiplying <br /> 327,000 patrons times $4.25 spent per average visit on food and <br /> lodging. While only 28% of these patrons were from out-of-town, they <br /> accounted for 44%, or $617,000, of the $1.4 million total as they <br /> spent $6.64 or more per visit. <br /> 2. Hult Center personnel expenses amounted to $986,000. <br /> 3. The total payroll and business receipts (1 and 2 above) amounted <br /> to $3,563,000. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council August 8, 1983 Page 1 <br />