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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> e Eugene City Council <br /> Dinner Session <br /> Tree House Restaurant <br /> 1769 Franklin Boulevard <br /> October 10, 1983 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Mayor "Gus" Keller; Mark Lindberg, Emily Schue, Betty Smith, Dick <br /> Hansen, councilors; David Whitlow, Assistant City Manager; Tim <br /> Sercombe, City Attorney; Jim Farah, Acting Planning Director; Tom <br /> Hayes, Jim Carlson, Terry Smith, staff. <br /> Mayor Keller called the meeting to order and introduced Mr. Sercombe. <br /> Mr. Sercombe said the first issue was the problem of the best way to provide <br /> urban services to the River Road/Santa Clara area. The second issue was the <br /> status of the incorporation effort with respect to River Road. The incorporation <br /> effort was spawned by HB 2521 passed by the 1981 Legislature. <br /> The incorporators have gathered 10 percent of the signatures of the River <br /> Road/Santa Clara area residents. The issue is before the Boundary Commission <br /> November 3 and 17. Mr. Sercombe referred to the distributed material: Analysi s <br /> e of Feasibility Study for Proposed City of Santa Clara and Analysis of Feasibility <br /> Study for Proposed City of Santa Clara, Executive Summary. He said the material <br /> was written in response to the referral from the Boundary Commission. The <br /> document was developed by staff of several different departments within the <br /> City. <br /> Mr. Sercombe said the elements of the first issue are the relationship of the <br /> Metropolitan Area General Plan to the incorporation effort. There are policies <br /> and guidelines within the General Plan that deal with the incorporation issue. <br /> The Metropolitan Area General Plan says the cities are the logical providers of <br /> urban services in the urban and urbanized areas around the cities. The Metro- <br /> politan Plan requires Eugene to develop a sewer system for the River Road/Santa <br /> Clara area. The Metro Plan has policies about urban growth. Growth should be <br /> compact so urban services are inexpensive. The incorporation efforts are <br /> antithetical to compact growth and economic provision of urban services. <br /> Wednesday, the City Council will have the issue before them--a resolution <br /> adopted by the City Council of Springfield and which may be adopted by the Lane <br /> County Commissioners next week. It will put the City on record against the <br /> incorporation efforts in the River Road/Santa Clara area. <br /> The ~ecial Area StUd, is required by the ~lan. It explains how the full range <br /> of ur an serv1ces wil be provided in the iver Road/Santa Clara area. The <br /> first phase of the study is the sanitary sewage disposal. <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council Dinner Session October 10, 1983 Page 1 <br />