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<br />e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene Ci ty Council <br /> Speci al Meeti ng <br /> McNutt Room <br /> October 12, 1983 <br /> 11 a.m. <br /> PRESENT: Councilors Emily Schue, Brian Obie, Mark Lindberg, John Ball, <br /> Betty Smith (arrived 11:15 a.m.), and Cindy Wooten (arrived <br /> 11:20 a.m.); staff, Carla Marmaro. <br /> ABSENT: Councilors Richard Hansen and Freeman Holmer. <br /> INTERVIEWS AND BALLOTING FOR PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> Council President Emily Schue called the special meeting to order noting that <br /> four councilors were present; she indicated that a council committee of those <br /> present woul d interview the two appl icants and make a recoovnendation to the <br /> council when an additional councilor arrived to complete the quorum. <br /> Council committee began to interview Robert Bennett. <br /> Councilor Betty Smith arrived. <br />e Council completed its interview of Robert Bennett. <br /> Councilor Ci ndy Wooten arrived. <br /> Council began its interview of Augusta Palmitessa. <br /> Council completed its interview of Augusta Palmitessa. <br /> Following discussion, ballots were cast as follows from those four councilors <br /> present throughout the interviews of both applicants: <br /> Emily Schue: Robert Bennett <br /> Brian Obie: Robert Bennett <br /> Mark Lindberg: Robert Bennett <br /> John Ball: Robert Bennett <br /> Per the balloting, the four-member committee recommended the appointment of <br /> Robert Bennett. <br /> Councilor Emily Schue moved, seconded by Councilor Brian Obie, to <br /> appoint Robert Bennett, 250 Palomino Drive, to the Planning <br /> Commission to complete the unexpired term of Peter Thompson ending <br /> January 1, 1987. Roll call vote; motion carried unan imously, <br /> 6:0. <br />- The meeting was adjourned to the City Council meeting in the Council Chamber to <br /> begin at 11:45 a.m. <br /> ~a7;t- . ~ <br />