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<br /> M I NUT E S <br />e Eugene City Council <br /> City Council Chamber <br /> December 14, 1983 <br /> 11 :45 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Emily Schue, Brian Obie, John Ball, Dick Hansen, Mark <br /> Lindberg, Betty Smith, Freeman Holmer, and Cynthia Wooten. <br /> Regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was called <br /> to order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller. <br /> 1. ITEMS FROM MAYOR & COUNCIL, APPOINTMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AGENDA ADJUSTMENTS <br /> A. Towing Practices Committee <br /> Councilor Holmer said the Towing Practices Committee would hold a public hearing <br /> that evening in the Council Chamber. He hoped the public hearing would assist <br /> the committee in understanding the concerns of the various groups involved. <br /> B. Citizen Involvement Committee <br /> Councilor Holmer said he received a memorandum from the Citizen Involvement <br />e. Committee (CIC) in response to a letter he had sent to the committee which <br /> suggested broadening CIC's mission beyond just planning issues. He said the <br /> memorandum asked several questions of the council; however, Mr. Holmer said he <br /> would not present them to the council at that time since there were several <br /> ongoing activities in the City which were related to this issue but which had <br /> not yet been completed. <br /> C. Buy-Oregon Program <br /> Councilor Holmer said the Economic Diversification Task Team had received a <br /> letter, dated November 15, 1983, regarding the Buy-Oregon Program. He said the <br /> letter implied that the program director would possibly be attending the <br /> December 15 and January 5 meetings of the Economic Diversification Task Team <br /> (EDTT) to obtain an increased allocation for the next fiscal period. He said <br /> the letter identified several successful "matches" by the program. Based on the <br /> program's success, Mr. Holmer suggested that staff and the committee study <br /> whether this type of undertaking could be performed by a private business. <br /> D. National League of Cities Conference <br /> Councilor Ball thanked Pat Lynch of the City Manager's Office for his support at <br /> the National League of Cities Conference. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 14, 1983 Page 1 <br />