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<br /> M I NUT E S \ <br /> Eugene City Council/4J Board of Directors <br />, Special Public Meeting <br />e Eugene Conference Center--Souza Room <br /> September 23, 1985 <br /> 6 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Cynthia Wooten, Richard Hansen, Emily Schue, Roger Rutan, <br /> Ruth Bascom, Debra Ehrman. <br /> SCHOOL DISTRICT 4J BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESENT: Mike Williams, Judy Moseley, <br /> Sue Miller, Karen Hemmingsen, <br /> Steve Robinson, Paul Harrison, <br /> Jack Billings. <br /> Mayor Brian B. Obie called the meeting to order. He introduced Mike Williams, <br /> President of the Eugene School District (No. 4J) Board of Directors; Penny <br /> Wardell, President of the Bethel School District (No. 52) Board of Directors; <br /> Margaret Nichols, Eugene School District Superintendent; Ray Klappenbach, <br /> Bethel School District Superintendent; and Micheal Gleason, Eugene City <br /> Manager. <br /> Mr. Obie summarized the purpose of the meeting as an opportunity for the City <br /> and the two school districts to discuss increased cooperation. Mr. Williams <br /> said City and schools officials are already working on a number of common <br />e issues, such as community schools, the Eugene Celebration, scheduling playing <br /> fields and athletic facilities, and grounds maintenance. He cited the school <br /> district's support of the City on financing the Riverfront Research Park with <br /> a tax increment district, and said that the board would like to have the <br /> advice and support of the City Council on the disposition of the Dunn and <br /> Lincoln school properties. <br /> Ms. Nichols and Mr. Gleason outlined staff proposals for cooperative projects. <br /> Ms. Nichols noted that such cooperation will produce benefits for the commu- <br /> nity, such as the possible acquisition of Beacon Drive school district proper- <br /> ty by the City for use as a park, and joint use of automated systems for <br /> greater sharing of information and assets. <br /> Mr. Gleason said the purpose of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for <br /> the political leaders to define the policy base for cooperation. He said the <br /> school districts and the City own many public assets that were paid for by the <br /> same citizens. Opportunities exist to maximize the use of those assets. ~r <br /> example, work is progressing on an application for a State Police grant which <br /> will replace some of the City's former COP program which provided early inter- <br /> vention when problems were apparent in the schools. The school libraries and <br /> the City library use the same type of computer, and they could work together. <br /> The community school program and the City's recreation program offer similar <br /> services. Automated scheduling could help avoid duplication and fuller use of <br /> school facilities. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council/Eugene School Board September 23, 1985 Page 1 <br /> ~ <br />