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<br />e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> Council Chamber--Eugene City Hall <br /> October 14, 1991 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Roger Rutan, Shawn Boles, Ruth Bascom, Debra Ehrman, <br /> Bobby Green, Paul Nicholson, Kaye Robinette. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Randy MacDonald. <br /> The regular meeting of October 14, 1991, of the Eugene City Council was <br /> called to order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> Mayor Miller welcomed Boy Scout Troop 50 in attendance at this meeting. <br /> Mayor Miller noted that Minutes Recorder Traci Northman was leaving the City <br /> of Eugene staff. He presented her with a letter of commendation for her work <br /> and thanked her for her service with the City Council. <br /> 1. PUBLIC FORUM <br />e Mayor Miller explained that the rules governing public testimony would pro- <br /> hibit Martin Montoya from testifying on the public hearing postponement for <br /> the University of Oregon's alley vacation request. Mr. Montoya said that he <br /> is frustrated by the public hearing postponement and inquired about the sta- <br /> tus of the construction on that site during the postponement period. Mr. <br /> Gleason clarified that the item was placed on the consent calendar only to <br /> establish a future public hearing date for the issue. Staff stated that <br /> because a price for alley vacation has not yet been negotiated, the public <br /> hearing has been postponed. Mayor Miller said that staff will contact Mr. <br /> Montoya to respond to his questions. <br /> Mr. Boles encouraged citizens to raise these types of concerns with the <br /> City's Public Service Officer. <br /> Bill Blair, 350 Pearl Street, testified in support of having a whistle-free <br /> zone in Eugene. He noted that as resident of the Ya-Poh-Ah Terrace, he is <br /> often bothered by train whistles as they pass through Eugene. He proposed <br /> that City officials request that the Southern Pacific Railroad in San Fran- <br /> cisco send an official to visit Eugene to observe the problem. He suggested <br /> that the whistles be required to stay within the limitation established by <br /> the City's noise ordinance. He also voiced concern that trains are exceeding <br /> the 30-miles-per-hour speed limit when passing through the city limits. <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 14, 1991 Page 1 <br />