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<br /> ~-- <br />e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> Council Chamber--City Hall <br /> October 12, 1992 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Shawn Boles, Ruth Bascom, Debra Ehrman, Randy MacDonald, <br /> Paul Nicholson, Kaye Robinette, Roger Rutan. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Bobby Green. <br /> The regular meeting of the Eugene City Council of October 12, 1992, was called <br /> to order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> I. PUBLIC FORUM <br /> Georqe Boehnke, 2040 Willamette Street, circulated a box of posters that had <br /> been posted on public property, a practice which he understood was prohibited <br /> by ordinance. He suggested enforcing the ordinance and expressed concern <br /> about the posters littering the city. On a different note, he suggested <br /> eliminating the City's Urban Renewal Agency and using tax increment funds to <br />e payoff outstanding urban renewal bonds. Regarding Eugene Decisions, he <br /> suggested imposing a freeze on salaries of all City employees, noting that a <br /> City employee with whom he spoke with recently indicated he would be willing <br /> to take a freeze on his salary. He expressed concern about a restaurant tax, <br /> feeling that it was unfair to tax a particular industry, and suggested <br /> considering a more broad-based tax. <br /> W.J. Mason, 1803 West 34th Avenue, said that he had not yet received a staff <br /> response to questions he raised during the public forum portion of the <br /> September 14, 1992, council meeting regarding the Eugene Decisions budget. He <br /> submitted copies of a draft excerpt of the September 14 minutes including his <br /> testimony and his request he submitted to Eugene Decisions staff. He asked <br /> for the council's help in obtaining a staff response. The City Manager stated <br /> that the staff response was being prepared. <br /> Kathryn Henderson, 3551 Mill Street, introduced herself as the Substance Abuse <br /> Prevention Coordinator for the Lane Educational Service District and Chair of <br /> the Eugene-Springfield Community Partnership for Substance Abuse Prevention. <br /> She said the partnership represents youth and members of both the public and <br /> private sectors who are working together to address concerns about adolescent <br /> substance abuse. She said that four priority risk factors were identified at <br /> a community gathering in November 1991. She said the partnership is currently <br /> working on two projects, one of which involves the development of a multi- <br /> cultural teen center. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 12, 1992 Page 1 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br />