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<br /> M I NUT E S <br />. Eugene City Council <br /> Council Chamber--City Hall <br /> December 7, 1992 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Shawn Boles, Bobby Green, Ruth Bascom, Randy MacDonald, <br /> Paul Nicholson, Kaye Robinette, Roger Rutan. <br /> The regular meeting of December 7, 1992, of the Eugene City Council was called <br /> to order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> Mayor Miller announced that agenda items II, VIII, IX, and X were processed by <br /> the City Council during the preceding work session this evening. <br /> I. PUBLIC FORUM <br /> Dave Sweet, 1237 Ferry Street, said that it touched his heart when he heard of <br /> homeless children who received quilts when their families sought shelter at a <br /> local church recently. He questioned what the price of compassion was to <br /> people who feel that government cannot afford to provide for all citizens who <br />. are in need. He noted that the City's overall goal "to give Eugene the most <br /> effective city government in the nation- is not enough, saying that Eugene <br /> must stand out as a model for civic integrity among other cities in the world. <br /> In conclusion, he asked councilors and councilor-elects to consider those in <br /> need. <br /> William J. Mason, 1803 West 34th Avenue, stated that on July 15, 1992, he <br /> submitted written correspondence to staff inquiring about the City's legal <br /> costs related to several Oregon Tax Court cases. He said that after inquiring <br /> again on August 10 due to a lack of response, he received a letter stating <br /> that he would have to first pay approximately $120 for the cost of staff to <br /> research the information. He noted that he received incomplete responses <br /> during personal and phone contacts with staff and complained that information <br /> related to some of his inquiries was confidential. On another matter, he <br /> noted that a lack of funds caused the requests for dismissal of two lawsuits <br /> in which he was a party. He pointed out that similar lawsuits filed by <br /> citizens in other Oregon cities have been adjudicated in support of the <br /> contention of the lawsuits filed locally that urban renewal debt must be <br /> included within the Ballot Measure 5 property tax limitation. He called <br /> attention to a memo from the City Attorney's Office concerning storm water <br /> drainage assessments, which he said, according to the Oregon Tax Court, would <br /> be a tax and, therefore, must be included within the mandated property tax <br /> limitation. He questioned whether the City intends to appeal every tax court <br /> decision it loses to the Oregon Supreme Court for the purpose of increasing <br /> taxes. He requested a response. <br />. MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 7, 1992 Page 1 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br />