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<br />- <br /> <br />-- <br /> <br />(I-A-l) <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br />May 27, 1975 <br /> <br />Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon, was called to <br />order by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on May 27, 1975, in the Council <br />Chamber. The following Council members were present: Neil Murray, Gus Keller, Wickes <br />Beal, Tom Williams, Raymond Bradley, D. W. Hamel, and Edna Shirey. Eric Haws arrived <br />late. <br /> <br />I - Greetings to the Finnish National Team - Mayor Anderson introduced Dave PompeI of <br />the Parks and Recreation Department, who introduced the coach and members of the <br />visiting Finnish National Track Team. <br /> <br />II - Public Hearings <br />A. Appeal from Sign Code Board Denial of 1st National Bank Sign at Valley River <br />Center (Federal Sign & Signal Corporation, applicant) <br />Recommended Denial by Sign Code Board on March 31, 1975. The Sign Code Board <br />had granted partial variance allowing one exterior sign on the east side, the <br />size to be determined by the length of the exterior portion of the wall (3 <br />square feet per lineal foot). Federal Sign and Signal Corporation is requesting <br />a permit to install 2 single-faced signs because the new Lipmans will obscure <br />the existing sign. The request was to relocate and install two 100-foot signs <br />on the east face of Valley River Center, which would be visible from the <br />parking lot north and south of Lipmans Department Store. The variance granted <br />in 1970 by the Board allowed up to 50 square feet of outside signing for <br />businesses not having exterior wall space. The Board denied the dual sign <br />concept. <br /> <br />Public hearing was opened. <br /> <br />Neil Ellsworth, 1670 West 7th, representing Federal Sign and 1st National, <br />told the Council that the appeal was based on the basic code concepts of <br />fairness and reasonableness. First National is making their request due to <br />circumstances beyond their control - the building of Lipmans. Before <br />development, their advertising sign exposed their location to the entire <br />parking lot area on the east side and to the highway that passes by the <br />shopping center. With the placement of Lipmans they no longer have that <br />position of total exposure. With one sign, they would be exposed to only <br />one side of the parking lot. <br /> <br />Jim Black, 1615 Ridgefield, and an employee at First National, noted that <br />a customer recently spent 1/2 hour looking for the branch after he arrived at <br />Valley River Center. He felt that one sign only would provide too restricted <br />an exposure. <br /> <br />Public hearing was closed. <br /> <br />Mr. Williams noted a conflict of interest in voting on this sign matter. <br />No other ex parte contacts or reasons for conflict of interest were declared <br />by council members. <br /> <br />Staff indicated there are S4 tenants at Valley River Center with entrances <br />only from the interior mall and without exterior exposure. It was felt by <br />the sign code board that 1st National should follow this precedent. Building <br />Sueprintendent Nolte said that, in December, 1970, the sign code board <br /> <br />21'B <br /> <br />5/27/75 <br /> <br />1 <br />