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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> June 23, 1975 <br />-- Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon - adjourned from <br /> the meeting held June 9, 1975 - was called to order by His Honor Mayor Lester E.Anderson <br /> at 7:30 p.m. on June 23, 1975 in the Council Chamber with the following Council members <br /> present: Neil Murray, Wickes Beal, Tom Williams, Ray Bradley, D. W. Hamel, Eric Haws, <br /> and Edna Shirey. Councilman Gus Keller was absent. <br /> I - Presentation of letter from President Ford re: Housing and Community Development Funds <br /> Floyd Arms, director of Planning and Community Development for HUD, Portland office, <br /> was introduced. He commented on funds previously appropriated through HUD to Eugene <br /> for various programs - the downtown mall, parks, water and sewers, etc. - and said <br /> those programs were no longer in existence. Under new legislation Congress will now <br /> appropriate a similar amount of money, however it wi 11 be under an "enti t1 ement" <br /> provision. Agencies will be entitled to receive a specific amount rather than apply- <br /> ing for funds. He said this new program would really leave it to the agencies to <br /> determine how the money would be used so long as they complied with the eligible <br /> uses of facility money. He read a letter addressed to the city from President Ford. <br /> Mayor Anderson expressed appreciation for the presentation and said the city of <br /> Eugene was quite aware of the responsibilities going with the new Act. He concurred <br /> with the President that one of the most important aspects of the new program was <br /> citizen participation and noted that this community took pride in its indulgence <br /> in that regard. The Mayor expressed hope that the resources provided would make <br /> possible the building of a better city, and that a good job in that regard had <br /> been done so far in the eyes of the Administration and the HUD office. <br />e II - Proclamation, Canvaasing votes cast in June 17, 1975 city budget election was read <br /> showing: 5,492 yes votes cast on $3,564,474 levy outside 6% limitation on city budget <br /> 4,566 no " " " " " <br /> 16 overvotes, 329 undervotes <br /> 5,766 yes votes cast on $134,000 outside 6% limitation on Downtown <br /> Development District budget <br /> 4,054 no " " " " II <br /> 18 overvotes, 565 undervotes <br /> Mr. Murray moved second by Mr. Williams to accept the proclamation. <br /> Motion carried unanimously. <br /> III - Public Hearings <br /> A. Vacation of utility easement on west side of Sunshine Acres Road from <br /> Dapple Way to Sunshine Acres Drive (Eslinger)(EV 75-2) <br /> Recommended by the Planning Commission April 7, 1975. Map was previously dis- <br /> tributed showing portion of the easement to be vacated, retaining 34 feet for <br /> utilities. <br /> Public hearing was held with no testimony presented. <br /> Council Bill No. 875 - Vacating public utility easement on west side of <br /> Sunshine Acres Road from Dapple Way to Sunshine <br />e Acres Drive was read by council bill number and title only, there being no <br /> council member present requesting that it be read in full. <br /> Mr. Murray moved second by Mr. Williams that the bill be read the second time by <br /> council bill number only, with unanimous consent of the Council, and that enact- <br /> ment be considered at this time. Motion carried unanimously and the bill was read <br /> the second time by council bill number only. 6/23/75 - I <br /> 3"3\ <br />