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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> . EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> July 2,1975 <br /> - Special meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called for the <br /> purpose of awarding contract for improvement of Barger Drive, previously considered at <br /> June 23, 1975 Council meeting and June 25, 1975 committee-of-the-whole meeting. <br /> The meeting was called to order by Council President Neil Murray in the absence of <br /> Mayor Anderson at 11:00 a.m. on July 2, 1975 in the Council Chamber with other Council <br /> members present: Gus Keller, Wickes Beal, Tom Williams, Ray Bradley, D. W. Hamel, <br /> Eric Haws, and Edna Shirey. <br /> I - Barger Drive Contract Award (Bids opened June 17, 1975) <br /> Cos t to Amaunt <br /> ~~~~ vf Bidccr ;.nu Project Contract Cost Abutting Prop, Cost to City Budge ted <br /> PAVH;G. SA~ITARY SE\,ER. STOR~.l SEHER & SIDHIALK: <br /> 7. Barger Drive from Highway 99 to 200' W. of Ohio <br /> Street; Sanitary Sewer on Barger Drive from W, <br /> in'tin ;';ay l'lcst to the OI,'S section line of <br /> Sections 16 & 17 and 20 & 21 (605) <br /> 1. Wildish Construct';on COlr.pany................No B~d...........$71l.949.88......28: Pav.......$ 17.95/FF.....Extra Width..$ 48.600,00l $131.100.00 <br /> 2. Eugene Sand & Gravel. Inc.................. .No B1d..,..,.... .$730.650.63 36 Pav.......$ 2l.00/FF Depth..$ 82.500.00 <br /> 3, Fred St~bbert...............................$734.l02.46"....No Bid 44' Pav.......$ 24.10/FF 8ike Path....$137.500.00 $106.000.00 <br /> 4" Sidewalk...$ 0.72/SF Storm Swr....$ 98.500,00 -0- <br /> 5" Sidewalk...$ 0.85/SF San. Swr..... $ 600.00 -0- <br /> 7" Sidewalk...$ 1.40/SF Lane County..$ 32.600.00 <br /> 5" Drives.....$ 1.10/SF <br /> San. Swr .Lat... $ 0.031/sq.ft. <br /> San. Serv.....$335.00/Each <br /> COMPLETION DATE: September 1. 1976 <br /> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------._----.~~---------------------------------------------------- <br /> .- Paving, sanitary and storm sewer, and sidewalk on Barger Drive - Assis- <br /> tant Manager said staff had met with the contractor and the following <br /> alternatives were (in line with action at June 23 Council meet- <br /> ing): First, award contract to the low 'bidder and complete the project <br /> as designed. Second, award contract to the low bidder and complete <br /> the project as designed but take into consideration the problems of the <br /> two property owners whose homes would then be 15 feet from the new <br /> right-of-way. Staff feels both of those properties could be acquired <br /> at less public expense than realignment of the road and acquisition of <br /> properties on the other side of the street. Also, something less than <br /> acquisition might be acceptable to the property owners - perhaps relo- <br /> cation of the houses on their lots or the opportunity to sell their <br /> properties after the improvements were completed. <br /> Councilman Bradley entered the meeting. <br /> Assistant Manager said the contractor is asserting the project can be <br /> finished this year. Any effort to change the time schedule - construct- <br /> ing the east end first to allow possible redesign of the alignment - <br /> would result in an increase in contract cost. Assistant Manager said <br /> it was debatable whether the contract language would allow a Change in <br /> the work schedule since it clearly provides for construction of the <br /> west end first. Also, there would be added costs, more tree removal, <br /> if the alignment was changed. <br /> The other alternative is to cancel the contract and rebid the project. <br /> Staff estimated a 10% to 15% increase in contract cost including <br /> . assessed cost if that alternative was pursued. <br /> Assistant Manager added that it should be recognized a change in align- <br /> ment would not do away with the complaints, it would only change the <br /> group from whom the complaints would come. <br /> 7/2/75 - 1 <br /> 3<.03 <br />