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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> July 16, 1975 <br />e Adjourned meeting - from regular meeting on July 14, 1975 - to consider balance of the <br /> agenda was called to order by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on July 16,. <br /> 1975 in the Council Chamber with the following Council members present: Gus Keller, <br /> Wickes Beal, Tom Williams, Ray Bradley, D. W. Harne 1 , Eric Haws, and Edna Shirey. <br /> Councilman Murray was absent. <br />I-A-l I - Public Hearings <br /> A. Request for annexation of area between Belt,~ine Road and existing city limits, <br /> and between Southern Pacific tracks and Highway 99N (Maxwell) (A 75-2) <br /> Annexation of area behleen Belt Line Road and existing citlj limits, and between <br /> Southern Pacific tracks and High~'laY 99N (Lloljd Max~vell) (II 75-2) '. <br /> Commission on July 10, 1975 recommended denial of the annexation. Assistant <br /> Manager explained that the area covered by the orig.i nal annexatio!l request was ex- <br /> panded by the Planning Commission, and recommendation for denial covered that expanded <br /> area. He noted that Mr. Maxv/e1l was contemplating development of his property and <br /> wanted annexation to enable connection to the trunk sewer in the Belt Line right-of- <br /> way north of his property. <br /> Comm <br /> Mr. Murray moved seconded by Mr. Keller to schedule public hearing on 7/2/75 <br /> the annexation request at the Jul') 14 Council meeting. Pub Hrng <br /> Councilman Haws wondered if staff notes had been distributed on these items and was <br /> told they would be distributed before the July 14 Council meeting. <br /> Councilman Will.iams questioned whether the Council {vas obligated to hold a public <br />e hearing in this instance. Assistant Manager explained that providing for public <br /> hear ing was the normal practice. John Porter, planning director, added that the <br /> Commission recommendation was advisory only, Council action was required in trans- <br /> m.itting whatever recommendation was mac?e to the Boundary Commission. <br /> Vote WilS taken on the motion to schedule public hearing. Motion <br /> carried unanimously. <br /> Assistant Manager said that request for annexation was initiated for a single <br /> property to provide city sewer service. Planning Commission in its consideration <br /> enlarged the area and recommended denial (June 10, 1975). He said the Commission's <br /> reommendation for denial was based on the thinking that the Boundary Commission <br /> would be confronted with remonstrances so that it would be a futile waste of govern- <br /> mental time to pursue the annexation. Gary Chenkin, assistant planning director, <br /> explained that the single property petitioned for annexation by Lloyd Maxwell was <br /> not contiguous to the city limits, thus the expansion to include intervening prop- <br /> erties of which a great majority is owned by Southern Pacific Company. Southern <br /> Pacific Company has indicated there is no advantage for their property to be within <br /> the city at this time. Mr. Chenkin said there was a pressure line on Belt Line <br /> Road that could serve the Maxwell property with sewers. However, city policy is to <br /> extend sewer services to properties only through annexation. Without the SP prop- <br /> erty, he said, annexation of the Maxwell property does not appear to "make much <br /> sense." <br /> Ray Fechtel, 72 West Broadway, representing Mr. Maxwell, called attention to <br /> Mr. Maxwell's request for contract with the city for sewer services, filed at the <br />tit time the annexation petition was filed. It was his understanding that request was <br /> not acted upon, pending outcome of the annexation issue. He noted the contract <br /> developed many years ago whereby the city furnished sewer service to the Southern <br /> Pacific property and said it was obvious SP would not be interested in annexation. <br /> "3~4-.. 7/16/75 - 1 <br />