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<br /> M I NUT E S . <br /> . EU.GENE CITY COUNt I.L <br /> August 11, 1975 <br /> ------- <br /> e Regular meeting of the Comm.on .Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order <br /> by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on August 11, 1975 in the Council <br /> Char.Jber with the following Council members present: Neil Murray, Gus Keller, Wickes Beal, <br /> Ray Bradley, O.W.Hamel, Eric Haws, and Edna Shirey. Councilman Tom Wi lliams was absent. <br /> I ~ Public Hearings <br /> A. Liquor License.- New Outlet <br /> .Pizza Pantry. 2320 West 11th Avenue (RMB) <br /> Pizz~ Pantry, 2320 West 11th Avenue - New Outlet (RMB) . <br /> OLeC interview of people in the neighborhood indicated two objected tt> the <br /> outlet~ l~ approv~d. Staff had no objections other than normal requirements <br /> for bu~ld~ng perm~ts and certificate of occupancy. <br /> Mr. Murr~y ~ved second by Mr. Keller to schedule public hearing on Comm <br /> the ~ppl~cat~on at the August 11 Council meeting. Motion carried 8/6/75 <br /> unan~mously. Pub Hrng <br /> Public hearing was held with no testimony presented. <br /> Mr. Murray moved second by Mr. Keller to recommend approval of the <br /> application. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> e B. Rezoning area at Willakenzie and Coburg (State Finance) - Retaining R-2 PO cast of <br /> Willakenzie, RA to R-2 PO west of Willakenzie (Z 70-16) <br /> Planning Commission on July 1, 1975 recommended modification of contract between the <br /> city and State Finance to allow development of the parcel west of Willakenzie Road <br /> north of Cal Young Road in conjunction with the parcel on the east side, retaining <br /> the requirement for common ownership of the two parcels; that R-2 PO zoning of the <br /> parcel east of Willakenzie Road be retained and finalized; and that the parcel west <br /> of Willakenzie Road be rezoned from RA to R-2 PD. <br /> Note was taken of letter received from Richard Danielson, architect, 915 Oak Street, <br /> requesting on behalf of State Finance that development of the parcel west of Willa- <br /> kenzie Road be allowed to proceed under separate ownership. <br /> I-A-l Jim Saul, planner, commented on the long and complex history of zoning of properties <br /> between Willakenzie and Coburg, north of Cal Young, in the ownership of State Finance, <br /> details of which are contained in planning staff notes dated July 1, 1975 previously <br /> distributed to Council members. <br /> Public hearing was opened. <br /> I-A-2 Jack Miller, vice president of State Finance, owner of the properties under discussion, <br /> said that State Finance had pending a sale of the parcel west of Willakenzie Road to <br /> the owner of properties adjoining to the west. For that reason, they were requesting <br /> separation of that parcel from the one on the east side of Willakenzie. They con- <br /> e curred in the recommendation for R-2 PD zoning on the main parcel. He said it was <br /> their understanding the developer of the parcel west of Wi11akenzie would be willing <br /> to limit development to 16 units per acre. <br /> Public hearing was closed, there being no further testimony. <br /> 4-~f> 8/11/75 - 1 <br />