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<br /> "' <br /> - <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> September 8, 1975 <br /> e ---- <br /> Regular meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order <br /> by Council President Neil Murray in the absence of Mayor Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on <br /> September 8, 1975 in the Council Chamber with the following other Council members pre- <br /> sent: Gus Keller, Wickes Beal, Tom Williams, Ray Bradley, D.W.Hamel, Eric Haws, and <br /> Edna Shirey. <br /> I - Public Hearings <br /> A. Liquor License Applications - New <br /> I-A-l 1. Brewers Pub, 1601 Chambers Street - RMB <br /> Liquor License - Brewers Pub, 1601 Chambers Street - RMB (Retail Malt Beverage) <br /> Application for new outlet submitted by Robert Abel and Kurt Falkenstein. <br /> Mr. Murray moved second by Mrs. Beal to schedule public hearing <br /> on the application for the September 8 Council meeting. Motion Comm <br /> carried unanimously. 8/27/75 <br /> Pub Hrng <br /> GLCC report indicated several objectors, mostly tenants of the Westmore- <br /> land Clinic on the basis of late hours and possible vandalism. Also, seven <br /> nonobjectors were noted. Staff had no objections. <br /> Public hearing was opened. <br /> Mrs. Sam Lunas, 1490 Chambers Street, said that site was not a good location for <br /> e a tavern because of senior citi~en's residences and a school in the vicinity. <br /> Also, such an establishment would add to already heavy traffic. <br /> Dr. Alexander Dederer, representing the Westmoreland Clinic at 1650 Chambers <br /> Street, said that group was opposed to a tavern so close to the clinic because of <br /> the possibility of vandalism which would increase maintenance and security <br /> measures. Also, that a pub in this area would destroy some of the atmosphere <br /> that first attracted the clinic to that area. <br /> Alan Spence, 1790 West 15th Avenue, considered the proposed tavern a devaluation <br /> of the neighborhood in general. <br /> Public hearing was closed, there being no further testimony presented. <br /> Councilman Haws asked if there was any written communication from the School <br /> District concerning the proximity of the pub. Manager replied only that the <br /> GLCC report showed the principal of Patterson Elementary School as noncommittal <br /> on the application when contacted. <br /> Councilman Bradley asked whether a restaurant was now operated at the proposed <br /> location. Manager answered that the building was now vacant, there had been a <br /> restaurant there at one time. <br /> Councilwoman Shirey asked if liquor was ever served in an establishment at that <br /> location. No definite information was available, but it was thought not. <br /> e Mr. Keller moved second by Mr. Hamel to recommend denial of the applica- <br /> tion. Motion carried - Council members Keller, Williams, Bradley, Hamel, <br /> and Shirey voting aye; Council members Murray, Beal, and Haws voting no. <br /> 4-89 9/8/:75 ~ 1 <br />