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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> November 10, 1975 <br />. Regular meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order by <br /> His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on November 10, 1975 in the Council <br /> Chamber with the following Council members present: Neil Murray, Gus Keller, Wickes Beal, <br /> Ray Bradley (arrived later), D. W. Hamel, Eric Haws, and Edna Shirey. Councilman Tom <br /> Williams was absent. <br /> I - Proclamation - Canvass of votes in November 4, 1975 EWEB election was presented <br /> covering results of $15,000,000 revenue bond election for expansion of water system: <br /> Yes - 3,127 Overvotes - 17 <br /> No - 1,690 Undervotes - 44 <br /> Mr. Murray moved second by Mr. Keller to accept the proclamation as <br /> presented. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> II - Public Hearings <br /> A. Extension of revocable permit for mobile trailer - Citizens Bank, 11th and Pearl <br /> Manager explained that Citizens Bank planned to proceed in about two months with <br /> construction of a permanent building in the vicinity of the present facility. <br /> They requested continuation of the mobile trailer facility for another year <br /> while the new building is under construction. <br /> Public hearing was held with no testimony presented, other than Jane Giustina, <br /> speaking for Citizens Bank, offering to answer any questions. <br />e Mayor Anderson asked what the Bank's plans were for the structure adjacent to <br /> the trailer and what disposal was to be made of the trailer itself. Ms.Giustina <br /> said that negotiations were in progress for property, and a new structure was <br /> being designed to provide for a full-service facility. They plan to apply for a <br /> building permit by February 1976. No determination has yet been made, she said, <br /> with regard to whether the present structure will remain. The trailer, she <br /> thought, would be sold. <br /> Councilman Bradley entered the meeting. <br /> Manager said that the superintendent of building inspection had recommended ex- <br /> tending the permit to August 1, 1976 on the basis of information given by Ms. <br /> Giustina, with no extention beyond that date for the present location. <br /> Resolution No. 2457 - Granting revocable permit for Citizens Bank <br /> mobile trailer at 11th and Pearl to expire on <br /> August 1, 1976 was read by number and title. <br /> Mr. Murray moved second by Mr. Keller to adopt the resolution. <br /> Motion carried unanimously. <br />I-A-l B. Procedures for 1990 General Plan Amendment <br /> Recommended by the Planning Commission on September 22, 1975. Manager explained <br /> there was some question whether adequate notice was given all interested parties <br /> and suggested that the public hearing proceed with the understanding the issue <br />e would be carried over to the November 24, 1975 Council meeting. There were no <br /> objections. <br /> Jim Saul, planner, explained that the suggested procedure, previously presented <br /> to the Council in joint session with the Planning Commission, would provide a <br /> 5~ 11/10/75 - 1 <br />