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<br /> -- - <br /> MINUTES <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> November 24, 1975 <br /> . Special meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon, was called for <br /> the purpose of exercising options on purchase of park property. The special session <br /> was called to order by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:00 P.M. on Monday, <br /> November 24, 1975, at city hall with the following council members present: <br /> Neil Murray, Gus Keller, Wickes Beal, Torn Williams, Ray Bradley, Bill Hamel and <br /> Edna Shirey. Eric Haws was absent. <br /> South Bank Riverfront Property <br /> Parks Director explained the Willamette Greenway has given the go ahead for the City <br /> to file a right-of-way and exercise options on seven parcels of property along the <br /> Willamette River in Eugene. The total amount for approximately 27.95 acres amounts <br /> to $260,566, the City's share being $66,260. Federal and State funds provide the other <br /> 75 percent of the cost. The total cost averages out to approximately $9300 an acre. <br /> Breakdown of cost and acreage involved is as follows: <br /> 1. $ 27,500 2.94 acres <br /> 2. 35,528 13.02 <br /> 3. 4,928 3.08 <br /> 4. 43,780 2.50 <br /> 5. 37,500 2.74 <br /> 6. 69,970 2.92 <br /> 7. 30,360 .75 <br /> e Oregon State Parks has reviewed the appraisals and indicated it is a good project and <br /> that the prices are acceptable. It is recommended that Council authorize staff to <br /> exercise options on the seven parcels and authorize the City Manager to sign and <br /> initiate project agreements with the State and with the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation. <br /> It was noted that part of the 1972 bond issue authorized acquisition of riverfront <br /> property. <br /> Mr. Bradley wondered if parcels 6 and 7 were on the riverfront. Parks Director <br /> responded both parcels are within the Wi1lamette Greenway Plan, plus expansion will <br /> provide recreation for that area. <br /> Mrs. Beal felt that Parcel 6 was extremely expensive for the amount of acreage <br /> involved, and Mr. Hamel wondered why Parcel 7 was important enough to warrant paying <br /> $30,000 for it. Parks Director explained it is important becau~e of the park <br /> development in that area. In the long run, h~ said, the entire block will be acquired. <br /> Parcel 7 is small, but it would be detrimental to park planning in that area if some <br /> other development came in there. <br /> Mr. Bradley wondered how much money was allocated for riverfront acquisition in the <br /> bond issue. Parks Director answered it was about $170,000, $96,000 of which is <br /> remaining as of this date. <br /> Additional concern was expressed by Mrs. Beal on the cost of Parcel 6, Mr. Bradley <br /> suggesting it might seem more reasonable if the total acquisition package were <br /> e averaged out on cost per acre. Parks Director added the City is in competition with <br /> builders and real estate people as well. <br /> 11/24/75 - 1 <br /> 'feJ z.. e ~ <br />