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<br /> t1 I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> June 14, 1976 <br />--- Regular meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order <br /> by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on June 14, 1976 in the Council Chamber <br /> with the following Council members present: Gus Keller, Eric Haws, Wickes Bea1, Tom <br /> Williams, Neil Murray, Ray Bradley, D. W. Hamel, and Edna Shirey. <br /> I - Public Hearings A. Annexations <br /> 1, South of Belt Line Road, north of Wildwood and Ironwood Drives (Thurman) (A 76-3) <br /> --- <br /> PLanning Commission Recommendations - May 4 and 10, 1976 <br /> Annexation (as expanded by Commission) of area south of Beltline Road, north <br /> of Wildwood and Ironwood Drives (Thurman) (A76-3) <br /> Annexation of lot south of Skyline Drive, east of Barber Drive <br /> (Stockman) (A 76-2) <br /> Annexation of two lots north or Skyline Drive, east of Barber Drive <br /> (Christie and Papich) (A 76-'1). <br /> 1 <br /> Maps have been distributed to Council. It was noted that tour of the properties <br /> involved would be conducted prior to the June 9 Committee meeting. <br /> Comm <br /> Mr. Keller moved seconded by Mr. Haws to call hearings for June 14. 6/2/76 <br /> Motion carried unanimoUSly. Pub Hrng <br /> Jim Saul, planner, explained the petition was submitted by the owner of Tax Lot 3000- <br /> 4.6 acres - to provide public services so the property could be subdivided and de- <br /> veloped. Owners of the adjacent four parcels were contacted, all but one indicating <br /> they were in agreement with annexation of the area as recommended by the Planning <br />e~ Commission at its May 4, 1976 meeting. The owner of Tax Lot 3100 did not agree with <br /> the proposal, indicated he would present any objections he might have at the Com- <br /> mission hearing, but did not appear at that time. However, a letter from him stating <br /> his position was distributed previously to the Council. Mr. Saul continued that the <br /> area is within the urban service area and city services can be extended to the prop- <br /> erty, an area completely surrounded by the city. <br /> Public hearing was opened. <br />I-A-l <br /> W. N. McLaughlin, 827 Nantuclcet, speaking for Robert K. Little, owner of adjoining <br /> property (Tax Lots 2901, 2904, 2905) noted the area was zoned as farm land in the <br /> county. He said there were a number of trees on that property of various types <br /> and although the owner, ready for retirement, didn't especially object to the annexa- <br /> tion, he did feel the other properties could be annexed without including his. <br /> He felt he should be given some time to "get things in order," especially when <br /> neither the city nor the owners of the property wanting annexation would be in- <br /> jured by excluding it. <br /> Public hearing was closed, there being no further testimony presented. <br /> Resolution No. 2514 - Transmitting to Boundary Commission recommendation <br /> to annex area south of Belt Line Road, north of <br /> Wildwood and IronwooJ Drives was read by number and title. <br /> Councilman Murray asked what implications would be involved if part of the property <br />e was not annexed, why it was felt necessary at this time to annex it. Mr. Saul <br /> answered that the property is now zoned RA in the county. Normally the county <br /> would recommend annexation for development to occur. He presumed that a sewage <br /> 6/14/76 - 1 <br /> :(8~ <br />