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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> e .July 14, 1976 <br /> Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon - adjourned from <br /> .July 12, 1976 - was called to order by Council President Gus Keller in the absence of <br /> Mayor Anderson at 1:30 p.m. on Ju 1 y 14, 1976 in the Council Chamber. at her Counc i 1 <br /> members present were: Wickes Heal, Tom Williams, Neil ~1urray, 0. W. Hamel, and Edna <br /> Shirey. Council members Eric /laws and Ray Bradley were absent. <br /> I - Acquisition of Morse Ranch Property <br /> Assistant Manager reviewed resolution proposed for Council adoption that cited <br /> basic funding for acquisition of the Morse Ranch property on Crest Drive. He said <br /> that although final authorization had not yet been given by the BOR, conversa- <br /> tion with their Seattle office indicated the grant and application had been approved. <br /> He said adoption was recommended as a necessary step for execution of the proper <br /> documents to acquire the ranch property for the city. <br /> Resolution No. 2533 - Authorizing acquisition of Morse Ranch property <br /> was read by number and title. <br /> Mrs. 8eal moved second by Mr. Murray to adopt the resolution. <br /> Councilwoman Shirey referred to funds from parks bond issue to be spent in the <br /> Crest Drive area. She said that citizens in that area have designated the <br /> Morse Ranch as a park and community center, making expenditure of the bond funds <br /> for that purpose appropriate. Mrs. Shirey (herself active in acquisition of the <br /> -- property for the city) introduced persons present who had been active in pro- <br /> moting the acquisition of the Morse Ranch: Keith Schroeder, member of Wayne <br /> Morse historical park group; Kermi t Rohde, Dorothy Leeper, Wanda Pengra - all <br /> members of a group of people from throughout Oregon who had contributed over <br /> $6,000 over the last year or year and a half toward maintenance of the Morse <br /> property. .Jim Johnson, president of the Crest Drive Association, said he was <br /> representing some 3000 residents of the Crest Drive area who supported the ac- <br /> quisition of the Morse property and the intent to provide it as a public property. <br /> Assistant Manager also acknowledged and expressed appreciation for the help of <br /> Nature Conservancy in its contribution toward the acquisition of the property. <br /> Vote was taken on the motion to adopt the resolution authorizing <br /> :Icquisition of the Morsc n:lnch property. Ho I 1 ell I vote. Mo ti 0 n <br /> carr'ieu, all Counei 1 mcmoers present voti ng aye. <br /> Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the meeting was ad- <br /> journed to Monday, .July 26, 1976. <br /> /!I~- <br /> A. K. Martin <br /> Asst. City Manager <br /> -- <br /> 7/14/76 - 1 <br /> 36 a... <br />