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<br /> MINUTES <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> September 22, 1976 <br />e <br />Adjourned meeting - from September 20, 1977, of the Con~on Council of the City of Eugene, <br />Oregon, was called to order by Council Vice-President Haws in the absence of Mayor <br />Anderson and Council President Keller, in the McNutt Room with the following Counci I memhers <br />present: Wickes Beal, Tom Williams, Neil Murray, Edna Shirey and Ray Bradley (arrived late); <br />Council members absent were Gus Keller and Bill Hamel. <br />1. Proclamation of Election Results <br /> Mr. Williams moved seconded by Mr. Murray to approve the proclamation <br /> declaring the passge of Measure 51 and Measure 52. Motion carried <br /> unanimous ly. <br />Il. Planning Commiss ion Appointment - Mr. Williams thought that appointment of a new <br /> Planning Commiss ioner should wai t until after the November election to allow the <br /> new council to have input in the selection process. Mr. Murray thought that selection <br /> now would provide some lead time for orientation of a new Planning Commissioner. <br /> Mr. Wi lliams moved to de lay appointment of PI anning Commissioner until <br /> after the November election. Motion fai led for lack of a second. <br /> Mr. t-lurray moved seconded by Mrs. Shirey to establish interviews for <br /> a Planning Commissioner for September 27 at 6:00 p.m. Motion carried <br />e lliJallimous ly. <br />III. ERA Appointments <br /> Memo was received from ERA outlining qualifications they feel might be helpful. <br /> Se lecti on is preferred of someone with a broad general experience in the retail <br /> field. i\n additional qual i fi cation would be experience in managing and experience <br /> and knO\~ledge with financing large scale commercial development. The second vacancy <br /> was created by the resignation of Ruth Miller, and ERA would like to continue the <br /> appointment of a woman, if possible, who is knowledgeable. <br /> Votes were cast to fill one vacancy on the Board with the following resu1 ts; <br /> Mari McCulloch - 1. Fran Knose - 2; Tom Ballantyne - 2. A second ballot was cast <br /> , <br /> wi th Wi lliams, Shirey and Murray voting for Tom Ballantyne and Haws and Beal voting <br /> for Fran Gnose. <br /> Mrs. Shirey moved seconded by Mr. Williams to appoint Tom Ballantyne <br /> to replace Harry Farre 11, term ending 7-10-80. Motion carried <br /> LU1 an i mo us 1 y . <br /> Votes were cast to fill the other vacmlCY on the hoard with the following results: <br /> Lu Fisk - 1; Patricia Hansen - 1 . Fran Gnose - 1; Eleanor Mulder - 2. A second <br /> , <br /> ballot was cast with Murray, Beal, Shirey and Haws voting for Eleanor Mulder and <br /> Wi 11 iams voting for Patri cia Hansen. <br /> Mr. Murray moved seconded by Mrs. Sh irey to reappoint Eleanor Mulder, <br />e term ending 7-10-81. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> 413 \ 9/22/76 - 1 <br /> " <br />