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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> October 27,1976 <br />. Special meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order <br /> by Council President Gus Keller in the absence of Mayor Anderson at 11:00 a.m. on <br /> October 27, 1976 in the King's Table Restaurant in the Oakway Mall, Coburg Road, for <br /> the purpose of selecting finalists for interview for membership on the newly created <br /> Youth Commission. Other Council members present were: Eric Haws, Neil Murray, Ray <br /> Bradley, D. W. Hamel, and Edna Shirey. Council members absent were: Wickes Beal and <br /> Tom Williams. <br /> I - Selection of finalists for interview, Youth Commission <br /> Discussion took place with regard to makeup of the new Commission, what criteria <br /> was to be met and whether only those age 15 to 18 were to be considered. Also, <br /> whether professional people involved with youth activities were to be selected. <br /> Role of the Commission was touched on with consensus that it was to work as an <br /> advocacy group. Stan Long, assistant city attorney, explained that the Youth <br /> Commission would not be dealing with discrimination cases as do the other Human <br /> Rights Commissions, rather it would gather information for the Council with re- <br /> gard to solutions to problems identified and experienced by youth in the com- <br /> munJty. Consensus was also reached with regard to selection of persons for <br /> interview, that the normal process would be followed for choosing a cross section <br /> from those applications received. <br /> Mr. Murray moved second by Mr. Hamel that each Council member present <br /> would submit six names from the applications presented. <br />'. Mr. Bradley moved to amend the motion so that each Council member <br /> present would submit nine names rather than six. There was no second. <br /> Vote was taken on the original motion to submit six names. Motion <br /> carried unanimously. <br /> Ballots were cast for the following 16 persons: <br /> Name Chosen by <br /> Andria Parker, 924 Tyler Street Haws, Shirey, Bradley, Hamel, Murray <br /> David Adams, 1263 Tyler Street Bradley, Hamel, Keller, Murray <br /> Peter Alward, 1541 McKinley Street Shirey, Bradley, Hamel, Murray <br /> Carol Lee, 2610 Highland Oaks Haws, Bradley, Hamel, Keller <br /> Judith Andrew, 2614 University Street Shirey, Hamel, Keller <br /> Ssarah Hague, 2401 Lincoln Street Haws, Bradley, Keller <br /> Don Chalmers, 2500 Spring Boulevard Haws, Shirey <br /> Julie Rutledge, 52 East 48th Avenue Shirey, Murray <br /> Tammy Tengs, 1655 West 19th Avenue Haws, Bradley <br /> Paul Clement, 2193 Alder Street Murray <br /> Rosella' Cuff, 470 Garden Way Murray <br /> Thomas Merriam, 1741 East 25th Avenue Hamel <br /> Gale Orford, 3430 View Lane Shirey <br /> Bret Rios, 210 East 30th Avenue Keller <br /> Kathy Rotenberg, 821 East 15th Avenue Haws <br />'. Ann Talbott, 585 East 19th Avenue #10 Keller <br /> Mr. Haws moved second by Mr. Hamel to designate all 16 chosen <br /> as finalists for interview. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> 535 10/27/76 - 1 <br />