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<br /> , <br /> MINUTES <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> De cember 13, 1976 <br /> e - <br /> Regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was called to <br /> order by Council President Gus Keller presiding in the absence of Mayor Anderson <br /> at 7:30 p.m. on December 13, 1976, in the Council Chamber with the following Council <br /> members present: Eric Haws, Wickes Beal (arrived late), Tom Williams, Neil Murray, <br /> Ray Bradley, D. W. Hamel and Edna Shirey. <br /> I. Public Hearings <br /> A. Vacation of alleys between 6th and 7th, Willamette and Oak (ERA)(AV 76-1) <br /> Recommended by the Planning Commission on August 23, 1976. <br /> Mr. Saul, Planner, said the block is slated for hotel development if a <br /> developer can be found. The purpose is to provide an entire block of <br /> consolidated ownership. Concerns by Pacific Northwest Bellon relocation <br /> of phone lines, etc. have been resolved. <br /> Public hearing was held with no testimony presented. <br /> Council Bill No. 1299 - Vacating alleys between 6th Avenue and 7th <br /> Avenue and between Willamette Street and Oak Street was read by council <br /> bill number and title only, there being no council member present requesting <br /> that it be read in full. <br /> e Mr. Haws moved seconded by Mr. Hamel that the bill be read the second <br /> time by council bill number only, with unanimous consent of the <br /> council, and that enactment be considered at this time. Motion carried <br /> unanimously. The bill was read the second time by the bill number <br /> only. <br /> Mr. Haws moved seconded by Mr. Hamel that the bill be approved and <br /> given final passage. Roll call vote. All council members present <br /> voting aye, the bill was declared passed and numbered 17812. <br /> B. Liquor License - New - Dietrichls Smoke House Restaurant: 2674 Roosevelt <br /> Dietrich and Hildegard Illmann - Retail Malt Beverage (RMB) <br /> Staff has no objections to approval. <br /> Mr. Haws moved seconded by Mr. Hamel to recommend approval and <br /> forward to OLCC. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> II. Items to be acted upon with one motion after discussion of individual items as <br /> requested. Previously discussed in Committee-of-the-Whole on November 24, <br /> 1976 (Present: Council President Keller (presiding), Beal, Williams, Murray, <br /> Hamel and Shirey); December 1, 1976 (Present: Council President Keller; Beal, <br /> Williams, Murray, Hamel and Shirey); December 8, 1976 (Present: Council President <br /> Keller; Council members Haws, Beal, Williams, Murray, Bradley, Hamel and Shirey). <br /> Minutes of those meetings appear below in different type print. <br /> e <br /> 585 12/13/76 - 1 <br />