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<br />~ - . -. --. ..-. --- -" -- --- --.. --'-."" . ..- - .---. ,. -- ...."--- ---'" -..-.- -" -._. .-- - <br /> '-.. -..-" <br /> M I NUT E S <br />- EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> August 31, 1977 <br /> ... <br /> Adjourned meeting of the City Council of Eugene, Oreg~~, August 22, 1977, was <br /> called to order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller at 11:3gYa.m. on August 31, 1977 <br /> at the King's Table, Oakwall Mall, with the following touncil members present: <br /> Eric Haws, D. W. Hamel, Tom Williams, Ray Bradley, Jack D~lay, Scott Lieuallen, <br /> Brian Obie, and Betty Smith. <br /> Mayor Keller welcomed Planning Commissioners who were present: Susan Franklin, <br /> James Pearson, Adrienne Lannom, and James Bernhard, and expressed appreciation <br /> for the fine work they are doing. <br /> 1. Items from Mayor and Council <br /> A. Council Special Meeting--Scheduled for Tuesday, September 6, 7:30 p.m. <br /> in the McNutt Room. Manager noted the reason for the special meeting <br /> was to approve an EDA grant which had a September 7 deadline, as well <br /> as some park bids and improvement positions. <br /> B. LCDC Invitation--City Council and Mayor have been invited to luncheon <br />- Friday, September 9, noon, at the Eugene Hotel. Manager noted this <br /> would be shortly before LCDC would be reviewing the City's compliance <br /> program and encouraged all Council members to attend. <br /> C. Public Service Financing Inequities between Incorporated and Unin- <br /> corporated areas--Memo distributed to Council. Mana,licr reviC\lc<l memo <br /> which ~nclllded summary of two reports re~~~ding service di5tribution <br /> c:.n2 "LaX <.:!lui ty: Marlett & A::;socia~es. C:or Lane County Local Government <br /> Boundary Commission.) "Economic Implications of Fringe Development <br /> Adjacent to Major Cities. A Case Study: Eugene, Oregon." July, 1973; <br /> and tvlultnomah County Office of County Management. "An Analysis of <br /> Financial Planning Report No.8 with Findings and Recommendations." <br /> f-Iarch, 1977. f-lanager will be talking to other administrative officials <br /> in Springfield and Lane County as to how they might proceed in updating <br /> such reports. Copies of each report are available in City Manager's Office. <br /> - ...- ., <br /> D. Airport Commission--Resignation of John Altucker was received. Mayor <br /> will make an appointment with confirmation by Council. <br /> Eo Womenspace Report--Report distributed to Council. Ms. Smith noted <br /> that Council had directed the Joint Revenue Sharing Committee to take <br /> another look at the request from Womenspace. An evaluation team was <br /> formed and the report was the result of their efforts. The Womenspace <br /> problem had been reviewed thoroughly and the Committee had approved <br />e $4,750 to be used for rental of facilities. Three con- <br /> tingencies were noted in the funding: that the agency receive CETA <br /> funding, which Ms. Smith reported Manpower had authorized Tuesday; <br /> that the agency obtain liability insurance; and that the agency con- <br /> tinue to coordinate with existing programs. Ms. Smith expressed <br /> concern to Council that the procedure had worked well in the past <br /> lo 5 :z.. AnlI77__1 <br />