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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> e November 30, 1977 <br /> Adjourned meeting from November 28, 1977, of the City Council of the City <br /> of Eugene, Oregon, was called to order November 30, 1977, by His Honor Mayor <br /> Gus Keller at 12:00 noon, King's Table, Oakway Mall, with the following Coun- <br /> cil ors present: Eric Haws, D. W. Hamel, Tom Williams, Ray Bradley (arrived <br /> late), Jack Delay, Scott Lieuallen, Brian Obie, and Betty Smith. <br /> 1. Items from Mayor and Council <br /> A. Appointment to Budget Committee--Mr. Haws recommended Warren Safley <br /> from Ward Six to the Budget Committee. He is a math teacher at <br /> Willamette High Schoolc.and resides at 4800 Barger Drive. <br /> Mr. Hamel, moved, seconded by Mr. Williams, to approve the appoint- <br /> ment of Warren Safley to the budget committee for a term ending <br /> 1/1/80. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> Assistant Manager reminded Council the Budget Committee meeting sched- <br /> uled Thursday, December 1, 7:30 p.m., MacNutt Room, will be focusing <br /> on orientation for new budget committee members and/or old budget commit- <br /> tee members. Mr. Haws indicated Mr. Safley would be in attendance. <br /> e B. Citizen Advisory Committee Appointment--Memo distributed. <br /> Manager noted the Committee would be advisory to the Planning <br /> Commission in connection with citizen participation in the plan- <br /> ning process. Three people have been recommended by the Planning <br /> Department: Don Brooke, Denyse McGriff, and George Platt. Under <br /> the ordinance, the recommendations require City Council confir- <br /> mation. Mr. Haws noted acquaintance with Mr. Platt and highly <br /> recommended him. <br /> Mr. Haws moved, seconded by Mr. Hamel, to approve the three <br /> nominees for appointment to the Citizen Advisory Committee as <br /> Citizen-at-Large appointments. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> C. Appointment of Representative for Advisory Committee for EPA-LRAPA- <br /> Letter distributed. <br /> Manager said the purpose of the appointment as described in the <br /> letter would be to select an initial representative, who would join <br /> two representatives, one each from Springfield and Lane County, <br /> in nominating the remaining members of the committee, for a total <br /> pf 24 members. Final appoint ment of the committee members will <br /> be by joint resolution by the cities of Eugene and Springfield, <br /> e <br /> 11/30/77--1 <br /> KK'! <br />