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<br /> . <br /> MINUTES <br /> - EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> November 1, 1978 <br /> -_..~-- - -- -- -- - -.---- --------. - - - - - - --~- - . -- -- "-.--- -~ <br /> Adjourned meeting from October 25, 1978, of the City Council of the City of <br /> Eugene, Oregon, was called to order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller at 11:30 a.m., <br /> November 1, 1978, King's Table, Oakway Mall, with the following Councilors <br /> present: D.W. Hamel, Jack Delay, Scott Lieuallen, Brian Obie, and Betty Smith. <br /> Coucilors Eric Haws, Ray Bradley, and Tom Williams were absent. <br /> - <br /> I. Items from Mayor and Council <br /> A. Scobert Litigation:--Mr. Obie referred to a recent <br /> letter from Jack Billings. Mr. Obie had met with Mr. Scobert, who <br /> does not wish to sell his property, but wishes to develop it with <br /> low-cost housing. In 1977, Council had authorized to proceed with <br /> condemnation of the property. Mr. Obie felt it might be more fair <br /> to withdraw approval of the condemnation. <br /> Assistant Manager said staff had discussed with City Attorney's <br /> Office the course of action in the area of surveys. It was felt the <br /> - property's description was valid as outlined in the February letter. <br /> Subsequently, surveys found an error. At first, according to the <br /> surveys, it appeared the City was proposing to purchase only vacant <br /> property. The subsequent survey showed the property included five <br /> feet of an existing building. <br /> Given the lack of land for parks, the neighborhood group and Parks <br /> Department still strongly recommend the matter be pursued. However, <br /> before that, Council will be asked to readopt the resolution for <br /> condemnation procedures. All interested parties will be notified <br /> prior to Council's action. Assistant Manager also noted Mr. Scobert's <br /> representation of development on the property was probably misrepre- <br /> sented. It was highly improbable he could develop it as he wanted. <br /> In response to a question from Ms. Smith, Ed Smith, Parks Director, <br /> said the issue never came before the Joint Parks Committee. Rather, <br /> it went through the Community Development and neighborhood review <br /> processe,s. <br /> Mr. Obie felt the main issue was that Mr. Scobert had been waiting <br /> for some time for resolution of the problem, and does not want to <br /> sell the property. Since the City had initiated the transaction, <br /> he felt it only fair that the City proceed as quickly as possible <br /> to resolve it. <br /> e <br /> 11/1/78--1 <br /> ;oq <br />