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<br />. t <br /> M I NUT E S <br />tit EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> Oetcber 3, 1979 <br /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> Adjeurned meeting frem September 24, 1979, of the City Ccuneil .of the City of <br /> Eugene, Oregon, was called te .order by His Honor, Mayor Gus Keller, Oeteber 3, <br /> 1979, 11:45 a.m., Council Chambers, with the follewing Councilors present: <br /> Betty Smith, D.W. Hamel, Eric Haws, Seett Lieuallen, Brian Obie, and Emily <br /> Schue; Councilor Gretchen Miller and Jack Delay were absent. <br /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> I. ITEMS FROM MAYOR & COUNCIL, APPOINTMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AGENDA ADJUSTMENTS <br /> A. Citizen Participation Month--Mayer Keller anneunced that Octeber is <br /> citizen participation menth; citizens are enceuraged te submit appli- <br /> cations for the various beards and commissions which have vacancies <br /> that will be filled in January. <br /> B. Balleting for Interviewees for Citizens Invelvement Cemmittee--Eighteen <br /> applications have been received and Councilors were asked to submit <br /> their first, second, and third cheices. Ballots will be tabulated, <br /> finalists selected, and a date for interviews set at this meeting. <br /> C. Meetings Scheduled--Manager announced there would be a Budget Cemmit- <br />tit tee meeting at 7 p.m., Menday, Octeber 8, preceding the City Ceuncil <br /> meeting. There will be a Revenue Task Force meeting at nccn, October <br /> 4. Manager alse mentioned that the League of Oregen Cities meeting <br /> this year will be November 11, 12, and 13. Staff will werk with <br /> Ceuncil members on submitting their registratien forms. Mayer Keller <br /> mentiened that last year Ceuncilor Obie made recommendations on pro- <br /> grams to he held. That type of input was appreciated and, because <br /> of Mr. Obie's suggestiens, there will be seme very goed programs this <br /> year. <br /> II. ROUTINE ITEMS FOR COUNCIL APPROVAL <br /> A. Appreval of Council Minutes .of September 24, 1979. <br /> Ms. Smith meved, seconded by Mr. Hamel, to approve Council <br /> minutes of September 24, 1979. Motien carried unanimously. <br /> B. Improvement Petitions <br /> (Affected preperty en petitien; assessable cests: Paving, 100%; <br /> sewers, 100%; City cost, none) <br /> Res. No. 3244--Autherizing paving, sanitary sewer~ and storm sewer on <br /> Solar Heights First Addition (1748 was read by number <br /> and title. <br />e Ms. Smith moved, seconded by Mr. Lieuallen, te adept the <br /> resolution. Roll call vote. Metion carried unanimously.. <br /> 10/3/79--1 <br /> 538 <br />