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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> e September 10, 1980 <br /> Adjourned meeting of the City Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was called <br /> to order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller at 11:30 a.m., September 10, 1980, in <br /> the City Council Chamber with the following councilors present: Betty Smith, <br /> Scott Lieuallen, D. W. Hamel, Gretchen Miller, Brian Obie, and Emily Schue. <br /> Councilors Eric Haws and Jack Delay were absent. <br /> I. ITEMS FROM MAYOR & COUNCIL, APPOINTMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AGENDA ADJUSTMENTS <br /> A. Appointments--Mr. Henry stated that the Mayor's recommendation for the <br /> Hlstorlc Review Board opening is Deirdre Malarkey, 1131 East 20th <br /> Avenue, to complete the unexpired term of Kenneth Helphand, ending <br /> January 1, 1983. <br /> Ms. Smith moved, seconded by Mr. Hamel, that Deirdre Malarkey be <br /> appointed to the Historic Review Board to complete the unexpired <br /> term of Kenneth Helphand ending January 1, 1983. Roll call vote; <br /> ~ motion carried unanimously. <br /> e B. Announcements--Mr. Henry stated that the Economic Development Committee <br /> meet1ng 1S tentatively scheduled for noon, September 12, in the <br /> Mayor's office; Joint Housing Committee meeting of September 16 has <br /> been postponed to September 23, at 11:30 a.m. in the McNutt Room; <br /> Civic Center Commission meeting will be held on September 23, in the <br /> McNutt Room at 7:30. <br /> Mayor Keller stated that he would be not attending the September 17 <br /> council meeting. <br /> Mr. Henry stated that the National League of Cities Conference will be <br /> held November 29-December 3 in Atlanta, Georgia, a non-ERA-ratified <br /> state. Mayor Keller noted that the council has not been sending <br /> anyone to the workshops or conferences in states that have not ratified <br /> the ERA. Unless there would be a change of policy, this would mean <br /> that no one would attend. Council consensus was to notify the National <br /> League of Cities that no one would be attending because of Georgia not <br /> having ratified the ERA. Ms. Smith noted that earlier the council had <br /> become slightly more lenient in this policy and said if there were <br /> specific responsibilities of one or more of the councilors that they <br /> would be able to attend such workshops or conferences. <br /> Mr. Keller noted that John Porter, Planning Director, has returned <br /> from Scotland and will give a presentation to the council at a <br /> e later date. <br /> 9/10/80--1 <br />