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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> . Eugene City Council <br /> City Council Chamber <br /> December 17, 1980 <br /> 11 : 00 a. m . <br /> PRESENT: Councilors Betty Smith, Scott Lieuallen, Brian Obie, Jack Delay, <br /> D. W. Hame 1, Gretchen Mill er, and Emily Schue. Councilor Eric Haws <br /> was absent. <br /> The adjourned meeting of the City Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was <br /> called to order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller. <br /> 1. ITEMS FROM MAYOR & COUNCIL, APPOINTMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AGENDA ADJUSTMENTS <br /> A. Duck Crossing <br /> Mr. Delay stated that he has seen a need in his neighborhood. On Patterson <br /> Street, where the Millrace crosses, there is a large volume of duck traffic. <br /> There are more and more near-accidents and a IIDuck Crossingll sign is needed. He <br /> would like for traffic engineers to examine this situation. He would recommend <br /> that the sign be installed securely since it may be hard to keep in place. Ms. <br /> Schue suggested that Mr. Delay might want to speak with the County since there <br /> . is a similar sign on Park Avenue. <br /> B. Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission Meeting <br /> Mayor Keller stated that there are concerns about who will operate the sewage <br /> plant. He intends to attend this meetinq and request that the commission not <br /> take final action. The subcommittee has requested that information be received <br /> regarding plant operation which has not yet been provided. Ms. Smith indicated <br /> that she would like the City.s position to be known. The subcommittee was to con- <br /> sider costs of operation by Eugene, a private contractor, or by the Metropolitan <br /> Wastewater Management Commission. Last Thursday, they voted 3:3 to have the <br /> issue resolved by tomorrow. <br /> C. Appointments <br /> At a special council meeting held December 10, 1980, the following appointments <br /> were made to the Citizen Involvement Committee: Carol Cogswell, 2560 Inavale, <br /> to a term ending June 30, 1983; Howard Lindstrom, 451 West 13th, #10, to a term <br /> ending January 30, 1982; and Katherine Murdoch, 1040 West 16th, to a term ending <br /> December 31, 1981. <br /> At a special council meeting held December 10, 1980, the following appointments <br /> to the Community Development Committee were announced: David Hawkins, 3473 <br /> Chaucer Way; Stephen Robinson, 59 Adams; and Jonathan Stafford, 1060 Madison; <br /> for three-year terms endinq January 1, 1984. <br /> . <br /> MINUTES--Euqene City Council December 17, 1980 Page 1 <br />