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<br />." l <br /> M I NUT E S <br />e. Eugene City Council <br /> City Ceuncil Chamber <br /> Octeber 7, 1981 <br /> 11 :45 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Gretchen Miller, Brian Obie, Mark Lindberg, D.W. Hamel, <br /> Eric Haws, Cynthia Wceten, and Emily Schue. <br /> COUNCILOR ABSENT: Betty Smith <br /> Special meeting of the City Council of the City .of Eugene, Oregen, was called <br /> to .order by Ceuncil President, Gretchen Miller. <br /> 1. RESOLUTION AWARDING BIDS FOR GENERAL OBLIGATION BANCROFT IMPROVEMENT BOND <br /> SALE (infermation distributed) <br /> Dave Whitlow, Assistant City Manager, apelegized te the ceuncil for the staff <br /> oversight which necessitated calling this special meeting. The preposed resolutien <br /> officially adopts this morning's bid opening and allows the bid to be awarded. <br /> Councilers Lindberg and Hamel, and Mayor Keller arrived at the meeting. <br /> Res. Ne. 3591--WHEREAS, the City .of Eugene, a municipal corperation .of the <br />It State of Oregen, by Ordinance Ne. 18855, duly enacted en <br /> September 9, 1981, has ordered the sale of General Obligation <br /> Bancreft Imprevement Bonds, Series "W, .of the City .of Eugene <br /> in the sum .of feur millien, nine hundred ten thousand dellars <br /> ($4,910,000), dated Octeber 1, 1981; and, <br /> WHEREAS, said Ordinance has called fer said sale to be made <br /> Wednesday, Octeber 7, 1981, and bids te be received in the <br /> office .of the City Recerder in the City Hall in said City at <br /> 11:00 a.m., Pacific Time, and said ordinance and notice .of <br /> sale provided that said bends were to be seld te the highest <br /> qualified bidder whe offers the lowest':true.interest':cest tb <br /> the City; and <br /> WHEREAS, the attached bids have been. received by the City of <br /> Eugene, Oregen, pursuant te the Netice .of Sale .of said bonds; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, it appears frcm the attached and the Eugene City <br /> Ceuncil hereby finds, determines, and declares. that the <br /> First Interstate Bank .of California is the highest and best <br /> qualified bidder and has .offered the lewest true interest <br /> cest te the City .of Eugene, Oregen, fer the purchase .of <br /> $4,910,000 issue .of General Obligatien Bancreft Improvement <br /> Bonds, Series "H", .of the City .of Eugene, Oregon, te be dated <br />-~ Octeber 1, 1981, cemputing the total interest en all .of the <br /> bonds fremOcteber 1, 1981, to the respective maturities <br /> thereof; <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council Octeber 7, 1981 Page 1 <br />