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<br />....::1,.. <br />. <br /> fvlINUTES <br />e Eugene City Council <br /> Dinner Meeting <br /> Treehouse Restaurant <br /> November 9, 1981 <br /> 5:00 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Mayor Gus Keller, Councilors Bill Hamel, Emily Schue, Betty Smith, <br /> Mark Lindberg, Cynthia Wooten, Gretchen Miller, and Brian Obie; Jean <br /> Borland, Tom Moreland, Lane Economic Foundation; Doug Dinsmore and Roy <br /> Lieuallen, United Lane Forum; Micheal Gleason, City Manager; Dave <br /> Whitlow, Assistant City Manager; Pat Lynch, Council Administrator; <br /> Carol Baker, Community Relations Director; John Porter and Susan <br /> Smernoff, Planning Department staff; Clair Van Bloom, L-COG; Fred <br /> Webb, KUGN Radio; Glen Gibbons, Willamette Valley Observer; Susan <br /> Pack, Eugene Register-Guard; and Peggy Hough, League of Women Voters <br /> Economic Development Committee. <br /> r. PROPOSED NEW WARD BOUNDARIES <br /> Maps of the current ward boundaries and the proposed new boundaries were dis- <br />e played for council review. Mr. Porter said the current ward populations varied <br /> from 10,000 to 18,000, which did not satisfy legal requirements. He sa i d <br /> ideally each ward would have a population of 13,200; however, a five percent <br /> deviation was allowed ranging from 12,543 to 13,863. Ms. Van Bloom explained <br /> the proposed boundaries. Mr. Porter said this was a preliminary draft and open <br /> to input from the council and the public. He said there should not be any <br /> problem meeting the one person/ one vote rule. <br /> The council discussed the proposed boundary changes and the need for a public <br /> hearing. Mr. Gleason said the council needed to consider several variables, <br /> which included residency, the five-percent deviation, the need to have boundaries <br /> reasonably consistent with neighborhood groups, and the linkages between adja- <br /> cent wards. <br /> City Manager was directed to provide the council with a time schedule for the <br /> process. <br /> II. INFORMATION ON LANE ECONOMIC FOUNDATION AND UNITED LANE FORUM <br /> Mr. Moreland said the Lane Economic Foundation was formed to provide a non- <br /> political vehicle to raise funds to do an economic audit for Lane County. He <br /> said the foundation was working in many areas, one of which was to present a <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 9, 1981 Page 1 <br /> " <br />