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<br />!:: <br />.. <br />. r~INUTES <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> Special Session <br /> ,'\ <br /> December 9, 19~1 <br /> McNutt Room <br /> PRESENT; Cheryl Hoski. ns. (HCC), Bri an Obi e, Gretchen ~1i 11 er, Eri c Haws, <br /> Bi.11 Hamel, Cynthi.'a Wooten, Emi ly Schue, Betty Smith, Mark <br /> Li'ndberg (Counci'lors), and Gus Keller, Nayor. <br /> The adj ourned meeting of the City Council of the Ci ty of Eugene, Oregon, .~ <br /> was ca 11 ed to order by Mayor Gus Keller. <br /> I. INTERVIEWS FOR JOINT HOUSING COMMITTEE <br /> Interviews for the one position for the Joint Housing Committee <br /> were conducted with the following order: <br /> 2:00 p.m. Dorothy Anderson <br /> 2:05 p.m. Barbara Chinn <br /> 2:10 p.m. Don Kimmel <br />e <br /> Ballots were not cast as Council questioned whether there would <br /> be a potential conflict of interest in having a Lane County <br /> Housing Authority staff person as a Joint Housing Committee mem- <br /> ber (Barbara Chinn). It was decided to have Staff contact the <br /> City Attorney and nEsume balloting on December 16, 1981 at 1 :00 p.m. <br /> in the McNutt Room. <br /> The meeting was adjourned. <br />e <br />