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20132013 Ordinance Index xls <br />Pages <br />ZV0NlnancesVIndexes\20132018 Ordinance Indexxls Page 1 <br />��Nee <br />DESCRIPTION <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT <br />AMENDING <br />CHARGE METHODOLOGY AMENDING SECTIONS 7710,7715, <br />SECTI0NS 7710, <br />20607 <br />11/26/201311/30/2013 <br />1/1/2019 <br />7720, 7725, 7730 AND 7735 OF THE EUGENE C0DE, 1971 <br />7715, 7720, 7725, <br />AND ADDING SECTION 7732 TO THAT CODE. <br />7730 AND 7735 <br />20606 <br />11/13/201311/19/2013 <br />12/20/2013 <br />AN ORDINANCE EXTENDING THE TERM OF ORDINANCE NO. <br />19775 AND ORDINANCE NO 20397 GRANTING TO COMCAST <br />OF OREGON II, INC. A CHI SE FOR OPERATION OF A <br />CABLE TELECOMMUN I CATIONS SYSTEM. <br />20605 <br />9/24/2013 <br />9/25/2013 <br />10/25/2013 <br />ORDINANCE CHANGING THE STREET NAME OF THE <br />UNDEVELOPED PORTION OF SUZANNE WAY TO TENNYSON <br />AVE <br />20604 <br />7/23/2013 <br />7/24/2013 <br />3/24/2013 <br />ORDINANCE EXTENDING COMCAST FRAN CHI SE <br />20603 <br />7/23/2013 <br />7/24/2013 <br />3/24/2013 <br />OR DI NANCE CONCERNING DOWNTOWN CORE SMOKING OPT <br />AMENDING <br />IN/OPTOUT <br />SECTION 6230 OF <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1971 <br />20602 <br />7/23/2013 <br />7/24/2013 <br />3/24/2013 <br />ORDINANCE CONCERNING MARWUANABUFFER ZONE <br />AMENDING <br />SECTIONS 9 2160, <br />92161, 92450, <br />92451, 9 3115, <br />93116,93146, <br />93210,93211, <br />93310,93311, <br />93910, 93911 OF <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1971 <br />20601 <br />7/23/2013 <br />7/24/2013 <br />3/24/2013 <br />ORDINANCE VACATION 5TH ALLEY <br />20600 <br />7/23/2013 <br />7/24/2013 <br />3/24/2013 <br />ORDINANCE CONCERNING GORDON HOTEL ROOF TOP SIGN <br />20599 <br />7/23/2013 <br />7/24/2013 <br />3/24/2013 <br />ORDINANCE CONCERNING SKINNER BUTTE HEIGHT LIMITATIONS <br />AMENDING <br />SECTION 93715 <br />OF EUGENE CODE <br />1971 <br />20593 <br />7/16(2013 <br />7/13/2013 <br />3/13(2013 <br />AN ORDI YANG CON CERNI NG ROD ENTS AN D PR OHI BITII NG THE <br />AMENDING <br />FEE NG OF W LD IT FE MEND IN G SECTION 56005 AN D 60150F <br />SECTI ONS 6005 <br />THEEUGENECODE 1971', AND ADDING ANEW SECTION 6020 <br />AND 60150F THE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1971 ANDADDINGA <br />NEW SECTION 6020 <br />20597 <br />7XV2013 <br />7/12/2013 <br />3/11(2013 <br />AN ORDI YANG CON CERNI NG AUTZEN STAR M <br />AMENDING SECTION <br />41900FTHE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1171 <br />20596 <br />6C K2018 <br />6/13/2013 <br />7/14(2013 <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING WAVING OFF-STREET PARKING <br />AMENDING SECTION <br />REQUIREMENTS FOR THE EDISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SITE. <br />9 6410 OF THE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1171 <br />20595 <br />6C K2018 <br />6/13/2013 <br />7CS013 <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING SECONDARY/ACCESSORY <br />AMENDING SECTION <br />DWELLINGS <br />90500 OF THE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1971 <br />20594 <br />6C K2018 <br />6/13/2013 <br />7CS013 <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING SECONDARY/ACCESSORY <br />AMENDING <br />DWELLINGS <br />SECTIONS 4330, <br />7010 90500 <br />91 245 92010 <br />92011,92740, <br />92751 <br />92741,92750, <br />92775 <br />93060,93065, <br />93115 93125 <br />93210,93215, <br />93510 93615 <br />93810 93811 <br />93815 93910 <br />93915, 96105, <br />96410, 96420, <br />96776, 96335 AND <br />93030 OF THE <br />EUGENECODE <br />20591 <br />5/29(2013 <br />431/2013 <br />431(2013 <br />AN ORDI YANG CON CERNI NG THE PROH IBITI ON OF UNLICEN SED <br />AMENDING SECTION <br />DOGS WITHIN THE DOWNTOWN CORE <br />44270FTHE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1171 <br />20592 <br />5/14(2013 <br />5/16/2013 <br />6/16(2013 <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING HOUSING ON CHURCH, SYNAGOGUE <br />AMENDING <br />AND TEMPLE PROPERTY <br />SECTIONS 92740 <br />AND 92741 OF THE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />20591 <br />5/14(2013 <br />5/16/2013 <br />6/16(2013 <br />AN ORDI YANG CON CERNI NG FI REMOAS RESTRI CTI ONS <br />AMENDING <br />SECTIONS 4914 <br />AND 4996 OF THE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1171 <br />20590 <br />BG12013 <br />425/2013 <br />4242013 <br />ADOPTI NG COU NCI L BILL 5133, AN ORD PAN CE CONCERN IN <br />PUBLIC PASSENGER VEHICLE SERVICES, AMENDING SECTIONS <br />3 005 AND 3345 OF THE EUGENE CODE 1971 AND PROVIDING <br />20589 <br />2/26(2013 <br />3/1(2013 <br />4CS013 <br />ANORDI NANCEADOPTINGHAZARDOU S SUBSTANCE USER FEES <br />IHIyC GDA <br />YFAG"MMFNING <br />20533 <br />2/26(2013 <br />3=013 <br />BGS013 <br />ANORDINANCEPROVID ING FOR WITH DRAWAL OF ANNEXED <br />PROPERTIES FROM THE FOLLOWING SPECIAL DISTRICTS. THE <br />SANTA CLARA RURAL ERE PROTECTION DISTRICT, SANTA CLARA <br />WATER DISTRICT, WILLAKENZE RURAL ERE PROTECTION <br />DISTRICT, RIVER ROAD PACKARD RECREATION DISTRICT, RIVER <br />ROAD WATER DISTRICT, AND ZUMWALK RURAL ERE PROTECTION <br />20587 <br />10,212017 <br />10rz4F017 <br />10rz4F017 <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING STATE TRAFFIC LAWS AMENDING <br />AMENDING SECTION <br />SECTION 50050FTHE EUGENE CODE 1971, ANDPROVIDINGAN <br />50050FTHE <br />EFFECTIVE DATE <br />EUGENE CODE <br />1971 <br />20536 <br />7/24(2017 <br />7(26/2017 <br />325(2017 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE WEST EUGENE ENTERPRISE ZONE <br />AMENDING <br />PUBLI C BENEFIT CRITERIA AND SCORI NG SYSTEM <br />ORD PAN CE NO. <br />20585 <br />7/17/2017 <br />7(24/2017 <br />3(24(2017 <br />AN ORDI YANG ESTABLISH NGTHESUFFI CIENCV OF THE EUGENE <br />AMBUDING92]50 <br />UR BAN GRWOTH BOU CRACK FOR PURPOSES OF RESIDENTIAL <br />AND 927510FTHE <br />LAND N EEDS BY MAKIN G A TEXT MEND SENT TO THE EUGENE <br />EUGENE CODE, 71 <br />Pages <br />ZV0NlnancesVIndexes\20132018 Ordinance Indexxls Page 1 <br />