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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />Harris Hall, 125 East 8th Avenue <br />Eugene, Oregon 97401 <br />February 26, 2020 <br />12:00 p.m. <br />Councilors Present: Betty Taylor, Emily Semple, Alan Zelenka, Jennifer Yeh, Mike Clark, <br />Greg Evans, Claire Syrett, Chris Pryor <br />Councilor Semple opened the February 26, 2020, work session of the Eugene City Council. Councilor <br />Syrett joined the meeting at 12:25 p.m. <br />WORK SESSION: Parks and Recreation System Development Charge Methodology Update <br />Parks and Natural Resource Planner Carolyn Burke and Interim Public Works Director Matt <br />Rodrigues introduced the topic. <br />Council Discussion <br />Councilor Clark- asked for clarification on stormwater system development charges; <br />expressed support for Option 4 and interest in suspending SDCs for accessory dwelling <br />units; said that affordable, smaller homes become available as people move out of them <br />because they move into larger homes. <br />Councilor Zelenka - expressed support for adopting the proposed project list; asked what <br />the comparison was between Portland's and Eugene's rates; appreciated that the model <br />supported small housing and transportation access; expressed support for a two-year <br />phase -in of the fee increase. <br />Councilor Pryor - wanted to figure out how to increase the number of smaller, affordable <br />homes built; was most interested in Options 2 and 3. <br />Councilor Yeh - agreed with Councilor Pryor in support of Options 2 or 3; was willing to <br />phase in the fee increase. <br />Councilor Evans - was interested in a fifth option that would include no increase in the first <br />year, a 20 percent increase in the second year, and a phased increase for two years after <br />that. <br />Councilor Semple - asked for clarification on what would occur between years one and two <br />in Options 5 and 3. <br />Councilor Syrett - weighed the need to increase housing while also continuing to fund parks <br />development; supported the proposed Option S. <br />Councilor Clark - supported keeping the current fees for two more years; interested in a <br />comparison between in -market cities nearby (including Veneta, Creswell, etc.); raised the <br />idea that the increase could occur over ten years' time. <br />Councilor Zelenka - thought the comparison between Eugene and its competitors for where <br />people wanted to build were with cities like Corvallis and Bend and that the $500 difference <br />between Eugene and Springfield would not make much of an impact in the overall choice of <br />where to build locally. <br />Councilor Pryor - said he looked forward to a rate structure that encourages building <br />smaller; supported Option S. <br />Councilor Syrett - asked about the impact of the change in the administrative fee. <br />Councilor Clark- thought Option 5 would result in builders choosing to build elsewhere and <br />wanted to see a slower rate change over ten years; asked how the administrative fee might <br />be used to eliminate fees for SDCs. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council February 26, 2020 Page 1 <br />Work Session <br />