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<br /> 2019 - 2024 ORDINANCE INDEX <br />DESCRIPTION <br />Ordinance #AdoptedDate SignedEffectiveRepeal or Amended <br />AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR WITHDRAWAL OF ANNEXED <br />PROPERTIES FROM THE FOLLOWING SPECIAL DISTRICTS: THE SANTA <br />CLARA RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT; SANTA CLARA WATER <br />206083/11/20193/13/20197/1/2019 <br />DISTRICT; WILLAKENZIE RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT; LANE <br />FIRE AUTHORITY; RIVER ROAD PARK & RECREATION DISTRICT; AND <br />RIVER ROAD WATER DISTRICT. <br />ADDING SECTIONS <br />3.730, 3.732, 3.734, <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING IMPOSITION OF A <br />3.736, 3.738, 3.740, <br />206094/8/20194/10/20195/11/2019CONSTRUCTION EXCISE TAX ON COMMERCIAL AND <br />3.742, 3.744, 3.746 <br />RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS <br />AND 3.748 TO THE <br />EUGENE CODE, 1971 <br />AMENDING SECTIONS <br />6.005 and 6.010, <br />206104/8/20194/9/20195/10/2019AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING NUISANCESADDING SECTION <br />6.116 of the EUGENE <br />CODE 1971 <br />AMENDING SECTION <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING APPOINTMENT OF PRESIDING <br />206114/15/20194/16/20195/17/20192.011 OF THE EUGENE <br />MUNICIPAL JUDGE <br />CODE, 1971. <br />AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE USER FEES <br />206124/15/20194/16/20194/16/2019FOR THE FISCAL YEAR COMMENCING JULY 1, 2019, AND PROVIDING <br />FOR AN IMMEDIATE EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />AN ORDINANCE VACATING A PORTION OF PEARL ALLEY, LOCATED <br />206135/13/20195/15/20195/15/2019 <br />BETWEEN E. 5TH ALLEY AND E. 5TH AVENUE, AND PROVIDING FOR <br />AN IMMEDIATE EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />Revised 10/13/2021- 1 -L:\\Ordinances\\Indexes\\2019-2024 Ordinance Index.xlsx <br /> <br />