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<br />Urban Renewal Agency Administrative Orders <br />AO #Date TypeDescriptionRepeal information <br />Signed <br />URA 98-01 6/4/1998AuthorityDelegating Authority to Act as “Person in Charge of <br />56-98-01Premises” of parking structures or facilities to City of Eugene <br />Police Officers. <br />URA 07-018/6/2007AuthorityDelegating Authority to the City of Eugene Finance Officer, <br />City Treasurer, and City Treasury Officer to Act as Agency <br />Official with Regard to Bond and Other Financing <br />Resolutions. <br />URA 10-0112/29/2010AuthorityDelegating authority to Sarah Medary, Assistant City <br />Manager, to Act as Agency Official with Regard to the <br />City/Bennett/Woolworth Transaction. <br />URA 11-012/4/2011AuthorityDelegating Authority to Sarah Medary, Executive Director, <br />AIC, of the Planning & Development Department, to Approve <br />Amendments to Contracts or Change Orders Concerning the <br />Centre Court Building Construction Loan Agreement. <br />