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RESOLUTION NO <br />A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE 1990 INTERIM HOUSING <br />DISPERSAL POLICY PLAN AND REPEALING RESOLUTION <br />NOS. 2341 AND 31299 <br />The City Council of the City of Eugene finds that: <br />1. On October 29, 1974, by Resolution No. 2341, the City <br />council, -acting upon the recommendation of the City's Joint Housing <br />Committee, adopted the 1974 Housing Dispersal Policy Plan, <br />2. In November, 1978, at the request of the Planning <br />Department, the Joint Housing Committee commenced a study to update <br />the 1974 Housing Dispersal Policy Plan, necessitated by changes in <br />State and Federal regulations and changes in the development <br />patterns of the City. As a result of that study, on April 18, <br />1979, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 3129, revising the <br />1974 Housing Dispersal Policy Plan. <br />1 <br />3. In March, 1990, again prompted b changes in the <br />g p p Y g <br />development patterns in the City and now by the lack of federal <br />financial support for low -- income housing, the Planning Commission <br />recommended to the City Council that an Interim Housing Dispersal <br />Policy Plan be adopted to replace the 1979 Housing Dispersal Policy <br />Plan Update, <br />4. The 1990 Interim Housing Dispersal Policy Plan and <br />attached map, a copy of which is attached hereto, and by this <br />reference incorporated herein, has been reviewed at public meetings <br />by the Planning Commission and Council Social Goals Committee. <br />so On June 25, 19 9 0 , the City Council held a public hearing <br />and considered the recommendation of the Planning Commission and <br />Resolution - 1 <br />