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3gQ 1 ;L <br />A RESOLUTION CONCERNING AFFIRMRTIVE ACTION IN APPOINTMENTS <br />TO CITY BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EUGENE finds that: <br />The City has previously identified the rights of Women,, Seniors, <br />Ethnic and Racial Minority group members,, the disabled and youth as a <br />matter ' of concern to its citizens, This concern has resulted in the <br />creation of the City's five Human Rights Commissions which are advisory <br />to the Council. <br />It is the desire of the Council, in concert with the City's <br />Affirmative Action Program, and at the request of the Eugene Commission <br />on the Rights of Women, to extend a policy of Affirmative Acti on, i n <br />written form, to cover Council and Mayoral appointments to City boards <br />and commissions. <br />In recent y ears the numbers of members of the above groups have not <br />been represented on boards and commissions,other than the Human Rights <br />Commissions, in the numbers that would reasonably be expected given their <br />existence in the local population. <br />The-Council.-City management and the community will benefit from <br />having the diversity of its citizens refl on City advisory boards. <br />NOW, THEREFORE <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EUGENE, a municipal <br />Corporation of the State of Oregon, as <br />Sect, 1,, Based, upon - the above f ndi ngs, whi ch are - i ncorporated herei n, <br />it is the policy and-intent of� the. City Council that in all City 'Counc i 1 <br />and Mayoral appointments and nominations to each board and commission, every <br />effort will'be made to assure representation on the boards and commissions <br />in proportion to the representation of women, ethnic minority group members, <br />the disabled and younger and ol der citizens, i n the population of the <br />Eugene incorporated city limits; <br />sect.2. City staff are directed to take affirmative actions. to ensure <br />that members of the above groups are notified of vacancies and encouraged <br />to apply 1 so that in making a p p ointments ,. the Mayor and Council will have a <br />diverse pool of applicants from which to select. <br />The foregoing Resolution adopted the day of .1983. <br />City Recorder <br />